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Chelsea FC: Fernando Torres Thinks English Players Need To Move Abroad

Chelsea FC striker Fernando Torres told French magazine So Foot that he thinks that moving abroad was the key to Spain’s international success and feels English players should do the same. The England squad going to Brazil has no players that play outside of the Premier League which is abnormal compared to the other squads traveling to the World Cup.

While comparing England to a country with a lower level league like Croatia or many others, there are players in the German, Italian, and Spanish squads who play outside of their native countries. Obviously Spain, Germany, and Italy have top-flight leagues that are on par with the Premier League but their players move to other countries very often.

Fernando Torres on England and Spain players moving abroad:

“If it took a long time to export players, it was because we were scared. Scared of the unknown. The same thing is happening to the English today. They are incapable of leaving the Premier League. But the day when it is the English who go abroad, a lot will follow.

This could be for the best for the England team. I know what I am talking about. When Xabi Alonso, [Pepe] Reina, [Alvaro] Arbeloa and [Cesc] Fabregas left for England, we became more competitive. The fact that the Spanish players toughen themselves up abroad has been very important.”

Fernando Torres may have a valid point in that many of the Spanish stars made names for themselves outside of La Liga and Spain. Torres himself was a fantastic prospect at Atletico Madrid but it was not until he made the move to Liverpool that he became a global superstar. Spanish players are dominating leagues all over Europe and that has clearly helped the national team. The core is still made up of players from Barcelona and Real Madrid but the stars playing outside Spain help fill out the squad.

While many believe that the English Premier League is the top league in the world, there could be some truth to Torres’s argument. English players could be exposed to new environments, tactics, coaching, and styles of play that could be beneficial to the England set up as a whole. That does not mean that Wayne Rooney should pack up and play for PSG or Real Madrid if he could, but up and coming English players should consider plying their trade on the continent and learning from the experience.

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