Jose Mourinho Thinks Manchester City are Lucky

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Leading up to what is the biggest match of Chelsea FC’s season so far against Manchester City on Monday, Jose Mourinho is going hard with the mind games. This is nothing new to Mourinho who has claimed before many matches that his side are not favored in order to put pressure on his opponent. Even this season he has claimed on many occasions that City are the favorites to win the title. This week however he has responded to Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood’s comments that City are the best team on the planet. Mourinho scoffed at the idea and suggested that “maybe, for the Tottenham manager, the planet is England.” Mourinho went on to discuss instances in which City have been more lucky than good.

Mourinho’s comments here:

“They are lucky. The reality is they have many crucial decisions in their favour. Against Liverpool, the (Raheem) Sterling ‘goal’. The penalty on (Luis) Suarez. Against Newcastle the goal that is a clear goal. Against Tottenham, (Michael) Dawson’s goal, the penalty, the (Danny Rose) red card. They are having everything. I repeat, because I don’t want to be misinterpreted, (it is) just pure coincidence. The referees, they try to do their best and sometimes they make mistakes and normally during the season the mistakes are split between teams. In their (City’s) case, they have everything in their favor.”

While Manchester City have been on the favorable end of some questionable calls the same can be said about Chelsea. Winning a title seems to include a large amount of luck especially when it comes to refereeing decisions. There is no denying, regardless of how “lucky” they may be, that City present an incredible challenge for Chelsea. City has become unbeatable at home and they are scoring goals at a record pace. The City defense is a bit leaky but when you’re scoring four goals a match, letting your opponent have a consolation or two is no big deal. Even with their top striker Sergio Aguero out injured they still have the very much in form Alvaro Negredo and Edin Dzeko in reserve. Mourinho will likely play for the draw at the Etihad and if things work out that way then one point against City will feel like three.

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