Jose Mourinho Thinks 'Manchester City is a Jaguar'

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In the latest episode of the ongoing feud between Chelsea FC manger Jose Mourinho and Manchester City manager Manuel Pelligrini, Mourinho switched gears from his horse race analogy to one about British automobiles. Mourinho compared the Manchester club as a Jaguar because of his insistence that they are still the favorites despite Chelsea’s place at the top the table. The reference was made, according to the Daily Mail, because Mourinho is set to become a “global ambassador” of the Jaguar brand. A spokesperson for Jaguar was asked about the incident and said A Jaguar spokeswoman said “we were very happy about it, but it certainly wasn’t planned in advance.”

Mourinho’s statement:

Manchester City is a Jaguar, you cannot put an L-plate on a Jaguar.

For those who do not know, an L-plate is a sign affixed to the front and back of a car that is driven by a learner under construction. His point being that Manchester City are the favorites because they have been in this position before and thus are the favorites. Many believes he does this in public while privately reassuring his players that he has all the faith in them becoming champions.

It seems that nothing Mourinho says or does during an interview or press conference is ever a spur of the moment decision. Every word and phrase is calculated and his insistence on mind games has often given him and his sides the advantage over their less sophisticated opponents. Any time an opposition manager is forced to respond to the Portuguese they have given him clearance to continue his manipulations. He is clearly the Premier League leader in witty press conferences and interviews but time will tell if that is enough to help Chelsea win the league.

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