Report: Barcelona to Bid for David Luiz

With Barcelona’s “Eterno Capitan” Carles Puyol announcing yesterday that he will be leaving the Catalan club at the end of the season, the search will be on for his replacement. The rumors of another bid for David Luiz have begun to swirl once again with bids reportedly starting around £25-30 million. Luiz has been a bit of a journeyman when it comes to his position on the field for Chelsea FC. He is a natural centerback but his creativity and long range shooting have made him an option in central midfield as well. This season, he has started sparingly at centerback and only featured there regularly when John Terry was out with an injury.

Puyol spoke to SkySports to announce his departure:

“I want to announce that at the end of the season I will no longer be a Barcelona player. There are three months of the season left and I will not give up. I will help the team. After two recent surgeries, it has become harder for me to recover the level that I demand of myself and that I need to be at to play here. I don’t know what I will do after June 30, but I’m sure that in the summer I will rest.”

If the rumors are true that Luiz is not a “Mourinho player” then this story may carry some weight. Luiz may experience some mental lapses here and there but his aggressive style and his willingness to give his all to his team make him a special player. His attitude and physicality make him a tenacious defender and playing him higher up the pitch makes his lapses less dangerous. Chelsea have gone out and bought French centerback Kurt Zouma and have Tomas Kalas in reserve when Terry’s time at Chelsea comes to an end so Luiz’s future with the club may be in midfield. The only positive that would come from this sale is the financial windfall and the fact that he is going to a foreign club, but that is not enough to justify the sale of a great player and a fan favorite who fits the Mourinho system.

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