Infographic: Americanized European Football Logos

There are some very creative people on the internet these days and luckily for us sports fans, some of them are diehard fans too. This particular artist, or team of artists, from have come up with some very cool looking Americanized European football logos. We’ve seen some National Footbal League logos reimagined as European football logos, with my favorite being the Oakland Raiders logos. This time around we get to see what some of our favorite soccer logos would look if they were redesigned by some marketing guys who work for the NFL or NBA.

European World Series Cup of Soccer
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My favorite, of course there is no bias here, is the London Blue Lions logo. It would have been cool if they made it the Chelsea Blue Lions after the neighborhood where the team resides but I suppose they would have to call them the Fulham Blue Lions in that case.  The Glasgow Bears is also a favorite as is the Roma Centurions. The Catalan White and Blues is probably the least imaginative of the bunch but I suppose there is only so much material to use given how plain much of the teams’ nicknames are in Europe. I mean how many teams are there with nicknames based solely on the color of their kits? There’s the Rossoneri of AC Milan, Nerazzuri of Inter, Blues of Chelsea, the Blaugrana of Barcelona, and countless more.  What other logos would you like to see reimagined in “American” fashion?

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