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Mourinho Avoids FA Punishment

Jose Mourinho was sent off at the end of the Premier League match against Aston Villa last Saturday and made some scathing comments about referee Chris Foy in his post match interviews. However it appears that Mourinho just toed the line of what is acceptable commentary in the eyes of the FA and escaped any further punishment. Foy had already shown two Chelsea players red cards, one extremely harsh on Willian, and had been inconsistent with his decisions over the course of the match. Mourinho commented on Foy’s performance but stopped short of saying anything that would land him in hot water and was diplomatic in the face of some terrible decisions by the referee.

“I tried to speak to Mr Foy twice. I tried to speak on the pitch, and I tried in the dressing rooms. In the dressing rooms I tried to ask politely, can you give me five seconds? And he refused.” -Jose Mourinho

Despite not being punished for his comments, this does not mean the end of the fallout from the match because Mourinho can still be charged for leaving his technical area and stepping on to the field. Though a suspension is possible, a fine is a more likely scenario considering the charged atmosphere and the calm demeanor showed by Mourinho in what was a heated situation.

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