Adidas Reveals Chelsea FC Kit for 2014/15

Adidas revealed the new Chelsea FC kit for the 2014/15 season with their “forever blue” advertising and social media campaign. The kit was leaked a few months back but we now have full confirmation from Chelsea FC and the kit makers themselves. They continued their “blue” campaign from last year where they teased fans with pictures of Chelsea players covered in blue paint accompanied with the text “its blue, what else matters?”. Adidas seemed confident that whatever they put out, as long as it was blue, the fans would love it. They also advertised the black third kit by saying “it’s not black, it’s blue”. It was almost as if they were making sure we did not forget what color kit our favorite team wears.

Another look at the home Chelsea FC kit:

The away kit also leaked several months ago and you can see it here. The yellow and blue color scheme is back after a few year hiatus. Yellow is one of the official colors of the club and has been featured as an accent color on the home kits. It has also been used many times for the club’s third and away kits, most recently in 2008-09 and 2007-08. The yellow away kit has been a tradition since 1965 and has featured heavily in Chelsea’s tradition ever since.

Here is a look at the goalkeeper Chelsea FC kit:

The red/orange goalkeeper kit is the biggest change from this season but this is where the designers usually take some licenses with color and design. This season we have seen Petr Cech in a yellow and black kit as well as the green kit from previous seasons. The green kit is a personal favorite of mine and hopefully we will still see both the yellow and green kit when Chelsea play teams like Liverpool, Southampton, or Manchester United that wear red kits.

All in all it’s another solid effort from Adidas that will keep the fans spending the big bucks on a brand new Chelsea kit.

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