Jul 12, 2012; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Aerial view of the Stamford Bridge stadium. The venue is the home facility for the Chlesea football club of the English Premier League. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Chelsea FC Legend Gianfranco Zola Backs Liverpool To Win Premier League Title

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Chelsea FC legend Gianfranco Zola recently told FourFourTwo magazine that he is hoping for Liverpool to win the title because he enjoys their style of football and thinks that Brendan Rodgers is a great coach. While Chelsea fans may cringe at the thought of their legendary player rooting for the hated Reds, he made it clear that he is still rooting for the Blues but would simply prefer it if a new team were to lift the trophy.

Zola’s comments in full to FourFourTwo:

“I know it goes against my team, but I think it would be great to see Liverpool win the title this year. Rodgers is a coach’s coach I don’t know him well but his football is my football. The football I like. His team plays very well. Look what Rodgers has done with Raheem Sterling. He has obviously brought him on and given him confidence but he has also taught him different ways of playing, made him more tactically aware. Football is about knowledge. The more ways you know how to play the game, the more possibilities you have to achieve your goals. Rodgers has played Sterling in a number of attacking positions and that will make him even better.”

Gianfranco Zola also commented on how a new champion would be good for the Premier League and the overall quality of the campaign:

“Liverpool’s form and style has been great but it would also be great to see a new name on the trophy other than Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City. That can only be good for English football. Liverpool lost a great opportunity when Chelsea beat them but that was always going to be a very tough game. Liverpool have to forget Anfield last week, they have to totally focus on the next game at Palace and put disappointments behind them and play the type of football they have played all season. It’s been an amazing campaign. There’s been so many twists, it’s so interesting. It’s going right to the finish and even with only two weekends left, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more twists. Also, and this is what has pleased me, all the drama has come with so much quality football.”

Zola seems to be more of a fan of attractive football than Liverpool themselves but it still hurts a bit to hear a Chelsea FC legend speak so glowingly about a rival club. He was only sharing his opinion so there is no harm in that but I’m sure most Chelsea fans are hoping their favorite Italian does not get his wish.

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