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Chelsea FC And Jose Mourinho Talk Strikers Again

Jose Mourinho addressed the striker situation at Chelsea FC and acknowledged again that the Blues will be looking to add a striker in the summer transfer window. The window officially opens on June 1st but Mourinho believes that the Blues may have to wait until after the World Cup to finalize any deals.

Jose’s full comments about the striker situation at Chelsea:

“A striker is something we have been speaking about for a long time. In December/January, when you were all asking and trying to understand why we weren’t bringing one in, I said it’s something we were working on and preparing for the long-term future, not just an immediate solution to try to help us for the rest of the season.

It’s normal that we are going to bring a striker, it’s normal we want to improve. We have good strikers, we have good players and we are not in a desperate situation, but every team wants the summer window to improve, and one area where we want to improve, which we’ve made clear since January, is the striker’s position. We have three at the moment, normally one is coming and one is leaving.

More and more, if the window is open until 31 August people delay, they react and wait to see what is happening with their own players. It’s very difficult to finalize deals early, especially with the World Cup. Now the players disappear and go to the World Cup so it’s more of a time to find a direction and analyse details, to decide the project for next season, the project for the transfer window and make the deals happen.”

The rumors are swirling about who the Blues will add to their squad this season with a striker being their top priority. Diego Costa is the most likely candidate but the transfer window is full of twists and turns and with the World Cup dominating much of the summer it may be that much more intriguing.

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