Chelsea FC: Samuel Eto'o Takes Another Shot At Jose Mourinho

Chelsea FC forward Samuel Eto’o took another shot at his former manager and called Jose Mourinho a “puppet” for calling him old in an unauthorized recording that was released when Mourinho was in France. Eto’o had called Mourinho a “fool” in a previous interview but some people wrote that off as the striker just talking about his ex-girlfriend who also questioned his age.

This time around there is little doubt that he was discussing Mourinho since he seems unable to talk about anything else these days. The Cameroonian forward is out of contract at Stamford Bridge and it is pretty clear after these comments that the club has no intention of bringing him back for another year.

Samuel Eto’o told the Confederation of African Football’s official website:

“Contrary to what a puppet says about my age, I am still physically fit. At 33, I feel real good. I have proven that I could do better than youths. I wish to also say that I am not going to the United States or to the Middle East. I will continue at the top level. I will continue to play the Champions League. My romance with this competition is far from over. I will not tell you where, but I will be at the top level. I am 33 and I have two World Cups to play. Before me there are other players who went on until the age of 41. So I can continue.”

It sounds more like that Samuel Eto’o is a bit bitter about being let go by Chelsea than by anything else. The comments were supposedly brushed off by Eto’o and even mocked when he scored a goal the following week. It seemed like the relationship was fixed between the two and that it was not an issue but these comments make one think otherwise. Eto’o has always been known for having a massive ego and this is simply another instance of that ego doing the talking. Either way, he is certainly not doing a very good job of selling himself to any potential suitors.

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