Chelsea FC Receive €43M In UEFA Prize Money

Chelsea FC received €43M in prize money from UEFA for their European campaign last season that saw them go to the Champions League semifinals. The Blues were the 7th highest earners behind clubs like eventual winners Real Madrid, PSG, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich.

There may be some head scratching as to why clubs like Manchester United or even Juventus received more than Chelsea considering they did not get as far in the Champions League but it was their domestic league championships the year before that entitled them to a greater share of the prize money. The domestic league champions receive a greater share of the television money and Juventus received even more because there are less Italian clubs vying for prize money than English clubs for example.

An excerpt from UEFA’s official statement regarding the prize money:

Teams in UEFA’s two main club competitions shared more than €1.1bn in participation and performance related revenue in 2013/14 with nearly €904m alone for the 3 UEFA Champions League group contenders.

Each club was entitled to a minimum payment for participation in the competition. Additionally, performance bonuses were paid for every win or draw in the group stage and each knockout round reached, while monies from the market pool were divided according to the proportional value of the national TV market allocated to each individual club, among other factors.

While €43m is not the kind of money that will significantly change anything for Chelsea Football Club it is still a worthwhile chunk of change. That prize money essentially paid for Cesc Fabregas and then some. Now in this era of Financial Fair Play, every dollar (or Euro) is counted as clubs work to balance their books. Talking prize money and accounting is not sexy or all that exciting but we do see why playing in Europe and playing deep in to the tournaments is so lucrative.

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