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AS Monaco: Radamel Falcao And James Rodriguez Not For Sale

AS Monaco vice president Vadim Vasilyev has insisted that the club’s two star Colombian players James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao are not for sale this summer and that they will achieve “many great things” at the club. Falcao has been a supposed target for many of Europe’s biggest clubs since lighting up the scoring charts at Atletico Madrid.

James Rodriguez on the other hand has burst on to the international scene with one of the greatest World Cup performances since Pele or Maradona delighted the world. The young midfielder was transferred to Monaco from Porto in a big money move but was still a relative unknown among most casual fans of the game. Rodriguez made himself a household name as he lead Colombia to the quarterfinals without Falcao who missed the World Cup due to injury.


As Monaco vice president Vadim Vasilyev on the future of Falcao and James Rodriguez:

“There are no negotiations with any club for Falcao. We have not talked about that. We count on him and believe he will have a great season in 2014-2015. Nobody is not transferable, I don’t know of any examples in football – yet there is no discussion, we rely on him. Everyone was surprised at the large sum we spent [on Rodriguez] last year and now everyone is talking about him. That means that we were right. We strongly believe in this player, it is very important to us, he still has four years on his contract and we will do many great things together.”
Source: Sunday Express

Monaco is a tremendously well funded club and if the new owners are in it for the long haul then they have no reason to sell either James Rodriguez or Falcao this summer or any other time. Luckily for fans of the two stars, Rodriguez in particular, the pair will be back on the big stage as they will lead Monaco in the UEFA Champions League next season and beyond.

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