Video: Eden Hazard “My Season”


If you’re familiar with the YouTube community, particularly the football highlights subgenre, you’ve probably seen some of Feroze17’s excellent work. Feroze is a diehard Chelsea supporter who consistently pumps out wonderful videos of Chelsea highlights, player profiles, and of course the most famous of his compilations, the “Against All Odds” video. “Against All Odds” chronicles the 2012 Champions League victory from the group stages, to the crushing loss in Naples, to the ecstasy of victory at the Bridge and Barcelona, and of course to the life-changing moment of Drogba’s penalty to win it all.

In this video, Feroze turns his attention to the latest star to put on a Chelsea shirt, our favorite Belgian, Eden Hazard. It is funny to think that only two seasons ago he was seen as a relatively unknown prima donna from the French top flight who was dragging his transfer saga out through his Twitter account. In fact he even declared that he would be joining Chelsea through that same account.

All that aside, Hazard is having a wonderful season so far and is currently the club’s top scorer with 14 goals in just 35 appearances. That is a wonderful return for a wing player and he has impressed so much the manager Jose Mourinho has touted him as the best young player and backed him to one day elevate to the world-class level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. That may be jumping the gun a bit on the young Belgian’s level of play but he does have the potential to be a consistently great player and hopefully if he sticks around long enough, to be a legend at Chelsea Football Club.

Enjoy the video from @Feroze17 and subscribe to his page for more great videos:

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