Mourinho: ‘I Could Go Back to Italy’


In an interview with Italian television station Mediaset, Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho was asked about where he thinks his future as a manager lies and if he is content in London. The Portuguese manager responded by saying that he is happy at Chelsea and is content with the way things are going but he is aware of how tenuous that may be. He acknowledged that Chelsea’s billionaire owner Roman Abramovich is the one who ultimately calls the shots and will decide how long Mourinho stays at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho told Mediaset:

"“Right now I’m fine at Chelsea, but in the future Abramovich could decide that my adventure here is over. That day I could go back to Italy and it’s normal for me to think about Inter [Milan]. But only Inter, not another Italian club.”"

Given his tremendous success at Inter it would make sense for Jose to head there if he is sacked at Chelsea before he retires. With Chelsea’s recent history of the managerial carousel it would not be surprising if that were to happen. However the club has come out several times, as has Mourinho, and claimed that stability is now the name of the game. Despite winning a multitude of trophies, including the Champions League, with what seemed like a hundred different managers, Chelsea will look to emulate the ways of Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Big name clubs and big name managers attract big name players who win big trophies. A relatively simple formula for success that Chelsea can achieve especially with their considerable financial backing. Even if he does decide to leave Chelsea, with the way Serie A is struggling financially, it is unlikely that Mourinho will captain a sinking ship even if he has a soft spot in his heart for it.

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