Chelsea FC Missing Striker Like Drogba


Mandatory Credit: Mitchell Gunn-USA TODAY Sports

In news that surprised absolutely no one, Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho claimed that his side are still missing a Drogba-like striker to reach their potential. The Blues have done well so far this season without a clear cut number one striker but it is obvious that they would be much more dangerous with one in the squad. So when Chelsea FC and Galatasaray face off later this evening at Stamford Bridge, the best striker on the pitch will likely be the one on the visiting team.

Mourinho was asked if his side needed a striker like Drogba:

"“Yes, because he was not just a player or a goalscorer or the guy that can win the ball in the box, he was more than that for Chelsea. He was somebody that shows direction. It’s about character and about personality, and these are very, very special players – when you find one of them, it’s fantastic and when you can find more than one, it’s what normally makes teams strongest.”"

This is not just a love-fest between a manager and one of his top players of the past, it is Mourinho being brutally honest about his side’s weaknesses and pointing out how great Drogba was for Chelsea. For the Ivorian, it was about much more than goals for the Blues. It was hold-up play, being a target, winning fouls in the opposition half, and so much more. Drogba himself was asked about the strikers at Chelsea and he was very diplomatic in his answer:

"“I don’t think so, they have fantastic strikers and the expectation here with Jose is very high, so it’s very hard for strikers to be on top of their game every time, but they’re doing well – Fernando played that game against us and did well. They’re here for important game and they deliver."

In defense of Chelsea’s strikers, while not the most prolific bunch, they have stepped up in big games and scored important goals. However they are clearly the team’s glaring weakness and hopefully the failure to address the position the January window will not come back to haunt Mourinho and the Blues.

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