FA Charges Mourinho With Improper Conduct


Courtesy of Flickr user: Ronnie Macdonald

Despite escaping punishment for his post-game comments after the match against Aston Villa, Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho was charged by the FA for what they deemed was improper conduct. The FA believes that Mourinho should not have left his technical area and entered the playing field during the scrum after Ramires’s foul on Karim El-Ahmadi.

"Jose Mourinho has been charged by The FA following his side’s game against Aston Villa on Saturday 15 March 2014.It is alleged the Chelsea manager’s behaviour in re-entering the field of play in or around the 90th minute of the fixture and approaching the Match Referee amounted to improper conduct.Mourinho has until 6pm on 24 March 2014 to respond to the charge."

At worst Jose Mourinho will be fined for his conduct which seems fair enough for the way things played out after the red card was issued to Ramires. Mourinho will likely not respond or appeal the charge because based on the letter of the law he was committing a violation. He still deserved an explanation from the referee before being unceremoniously sent to the stands at the end of the match. However all this could have been avoided if the FA had provided a competent referee but instead they decided to send Chris Foy. There has been no announcement on what will happen to Gabriel Agbonlahor who also stepped on to the playing field but actually grabbed Ramires around the neck. If the FA is being fair then a one game suspension should be handed down at the very least.

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