Would Petr Cech Play For Arsenal Or Liverpool?


Petr Cech has been linked with a long list of transfer destinations both domestic and foreign, but would the Chelsea FC goalkeeper play for Premier League rivals Liverpool or Arsenal? Cech’s agent certainly thinks so and in comments to iSport.cz made it clear that he would consider offers from both Liverpool or Arsenal if they were made. The agent, Viktor Kolar, went on at length with the Czech Republic sports site and we have some of the best bits brought to you courtesy of Google Translate.

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On Petr Cech leaving Chelsea FC in January:

"“Probably not. Everything looks like he will remain until the end of year at Chelsea. And I believe that he will enjoy the title celebrations. There is a great will and desire on the part of the coach and the club to keep Petr and help win the title. At the same time during the autumn they have set the conditions for the eventual exit, but it is now feasible. “"

On Cech’s situation at the club:

"“Peter still has the ambition to play as many matches, which currently is not possible but in any case he has quite a good sense of the overall approach, even the training. Club shows him respect, working with him just as he was at the number one position. He does not feel the difference in access between him and Courtois. They do not make the difference between goalkeepers, which is important to him. The agreement is that – and José still performs it – that Petr be given the opportunity to remain in match shape. For the coach it is a big relief when he knows he has backup keeper excellently covered."

On possible destinations for Cech:

"“The [option is that he] will remain in England, either in Chelsea, or go to another Premier League club. It’s more or less about England. On the imaginary ladder it is a priority to stay there. Alternatively, there could be a big club in Spain. And some club in terms of the challenges in Germany and one in France. Italy is not the market for Petr.”"

Some things may have been lost in translation but a few things are clear, Petr Cech is not going anywhere in the January window and that he prefers to stay in England. Kolar also discusses Petr’s desire to stay in England in order to break the Premier League clean sheets record and win the title with the Blues. Cech is currently seven clean sheets at 163 behind the current holder David James. There are still 21 more Premier League matches to go for Chelsea this season so it is not inconceivable that he will break the record this season.

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We have said time and time again that we, and Chelsea as well, would probably prefer the keeper to make a move abroad. However if Arsenal or Liverpool or some other English club make a good enough offer then the Blues could take them on their offer and grant Cech’s wish of wanting to stay in England. Hopefully he can break the record in a Chelsea shirt and win the title one more time before he calls it quits on his Blues career.

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