Lionel Messi To Chelsea FC – The Skeptic’s View


Hold on to your hats, nonsense season has begun. Lionel Messi, yes, Messi, the best player in the world, is rumored to be making a £250m move to west London to join Chelsea. Now, this seems a bit of a stretch and far-fetched is exactly what it is, but there is a chance of seeing Leo in solid blue.

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He’s followed Chelsea’s official Instagram page, as well as Thibut Corteous and Filipe Luis, he’s reportedly been unhappy with Barcelona’s higher-ups for a while now, and is a great friend with Cesc Fabregas.

Heck, even Queen Park Ranger’s Charlie Austin is getting caught up in the hype…

Yet, the chance of Messi taking his talents to west London is about as slim as Chelsea luring the Pope out of Vatican City to sub in for Gary Cahill at center back. Simply because Leo began following the Blues while simultaneously having a falling out with Barcelona and Jose Enrique does not mean that the Argentinian is jumping ship – he is also following Manchester City for what it’s all worth.

Rumor has it that Leo and Enrique had a training ground dust up over the manager giving a decision against his team in a five-a-side match, and with the instagram catalyst, the only logical option we are left with is Messi donning the Chelsea shirt.

The one area of this story that is not as farcical as the rest is the transfer fee. It has long been known that any club interested in Messi’s services would have to pay a fee upwards of £250m and Chelsea is the one club in world football that could feasibly foot that bill — and isn’t named Manchester City or Real Madrid — since we now know that Financial Fair Play is more of a guideline than a rule. As Chelsea have been recently recording profits while playing within the realm of FFP there should be no problem with the funds being accessible should this actually come to fruition.

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Now, this is not to say his addition wouldn’t be the most fantastic thing to happen to Chelsea since the famous Eden Hazard twitter coup of 2012. The addition of Messi in the squad would instantly make the Blues the most fearsome attacking side on the planet. In a perfect world he could be the right-winger we’ve been hoping for. But this is the real world. One where Messi stays with the Catalan giants and adidas, despite the rumors, does not assist Chelsea in footing his astronomical transfer fee. One where a training ground argument isn’t grounds for him moving his life to a new country. It pains me to say, but it just won’t happen.

And no, I’m not saying there’s a chance.

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