The Campaign Against Chelsea FC Isn’t Rubbish


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It’s been quite a crazy week for everyone related to Chelsea FC. On Saturday we went crashing out the FA Cup to League One side Bradford City, which still sounds ridiculous to say. Then on Tuesday in one of the most tense matches of the season we booked our place at Wembley and a showdown with Tottenham Hotspur on the 1st March!

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So in footballing terms you’d say it’s been an up and down week and could be rounded off either way tomorrow in “The Showdown” versus Manchester City as Sky are calling it and although I am excited for it I have a bitter taste in my mouth going into the game. After the win on Tuesday night I came home from the game and realized that Sky were clearly focusing on Costa.

Replays showed that he had stamped on Emre Can and Martin Skrtel. My first reaction was that he’d got away with it but still, I thought to myself ‘how many things did Liverpool get away with in the same game?’.  Sky though, were only focusing on Costa, why? I thought Sky’s job as a “news” channel was the report impartially on the match.

On Wednesday morning every British tabloid and broadsheet with a sports section was infected with an agenda. It seemed that everyone without blue-tinted glasses had forgotten that we had beaten Liverpool in a thrilling semi-final and were off to Wembley. Instead all the media wanted to do was bash our No.19!

The Daily Mail, The Sun, Telegraph, Guardian, and the list goes on and on and that’s whats so disgusting to me. Fans have always been suspicious about journalists and pundits whether they are actually fair and balanced, well this week it was clear for everyone including us Chelsea FC fans to see the media’s true colours.

The problem is it’s one rule for Chelsea and another for the rest

The #CampaignAgainstChelsea really blew up on Wednesday with many, including myself calling the papers out on their rubbish.

On my own YouTube channel I made a compilation of all the tweets from disgruntled Blues! If Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero can do the same and get no media backlash then every Chelsea fan has a right to be angry. What’s so different between what Costa did to Can and what Aguero did to David Luiz in April 2013 and also what he did only 3 months ago against West Ham when he stamped on Mark Noble?

I find it fascinating how quickly the media change their tune considering:

  • Who the player is?
  • What’s his past history?
  • Who does he play for?

These media campaigns are shameful and just hurt the industry and the sport. When you have Sky Sports during their coverage of the match labelling what Costa did as a “crime” you know something is wrong! The media were successful in their campaign and have got Costa charged! I could write for hours about the running joke that is the FA! For me with the FA it all started back in 2012 when Terry was striped of the England captaincy before even going to trial. Then, after being found not guilty by the court of law the FA still labelled him as a racist.

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The whole of the media, TV Pundits, Commentators, Journalists the lot of them have put themselves to shame! Jose though has been able to once again get his own back by cancelling today’s press conference, preventing the media from hearing his opinion’s before the biggest game of the season, well done Jose!

The #CampaignAgainstChelsea is not something Jose came up with after the Southampton game, it’s very clear for all to see and until media agendas and bias from ex-players towards their own team stop there will be more cases like these that we will be raging about. I hate the media..well at least this week.

Thank you for reading my first article for The Pride Of London, I hope you enjoyed it and am happy to have been given this opportunity to write for the site!

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