Jose Mourinho Wants A Dream Job Like Arsene Wenger’s


As part of his lengthy interview on Goals on Sunday where he spoke at length about several topics, Jose Mourinho also spoke briefly about his rival Arsene Wenger. In between his comments about poor refereeing and his criticism of the FA, Mourinho took the time to show Wenger some love and give him credit for his achievements at Arsenal. It was also Mourinho’s way of suggesting once again that he would like to stay long term at Chelsea FC

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Mourinho said about Arsene Wenger that “he has a dream job that we’d all love to have. I think every manager in the world would like the stability by being here year after year after year, to buy to sell and rebuild and wait and wait for success”. He attributed that stability to what Wenger achieved early on in his Arsenal career and said, “What he did winning so many titles in a certain period gave him that credibility that he deserves. He’s a fantastic manager but I think he has a fantastic situation to be successful. When I look at the players and the squad I really think they have to win”.

Arsene Wenger does indeed have a dream job with stability and consistency that most managers can only fantasize about. He has been manager of Arsenal Football Club for nearly two decades and has made some remarkable achievements in his time there. Those achievements of course include three Premier League titles and five FA Cups as well as the famous “Invincibles” season where his squad did not lose a match in the league. Wenger also took his side to the brink of European glory in the Champions League but they fell short against a strong FC Barcelona side.

His resume is not quite as impressive as Jose Mourinho’s but he has achieved a great deal and has played a very big role in transforming the English game. He brought his strange new ideas about fitness and player nutrition to England and it put him and his players ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition. It seems that much of Arsenal’s rivals have caught up and even surpassed the Gunners but credit must be given when it is due.

The most impressive achievement for Arsene Wenger must be his longevity at Arsenal. With managers getting sacked every other day the fact that he has stuck around for nearly 20 years is incredible. He is a constant in the ever-changing world of the Premier League and Jose Mourinho hopes to one day have that same level of stability in his career. Mourinho made a career of jumping around Europe and lifting trophy after trophy but he has made it clear that Chelsea Football Club is his home.

He feels like he is a part of the club and the supporters feel like he is one of them. He bleeds Chelsea blue and has stated on numerous occasions that he would like to have a Alex Ferguson-like tenure at Stamford Bridge. Of course he must continue to bring in trophies to add to the silverware cabinet if he wants that trust and longevity but that should be no problem for a manager of his caliber.

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Mourinho appears to also have the backing of the enigmatic Roman Abramovich who has realized that stability is the proper way to run a football club, even if he has won several trophies while playing manager roulette. Jose Mourinho can indeed become the next Alex Ferguson if he continues on with Chelsea for the 10-15 years and one day he can look back at his tenure and say that he too had a dream job at Stamford Bridge.

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