Chelsea FC: A Week To Remember For All The RIGHT Reasons


It’s fair to say that the weeks leading up to the Capital One Cup final were not the most positive for Chelsea FC. Incidents on and off the pitch seemed to all be negative and with the world seeming to be against the club the League Cup final was a pivotal point and day in the season. The team, for me put in one of the best performances of the season.

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Without Nemanja Matic, Kurt Zouma played a key part in marking Christian Eriksen and stoping any threat in the centre of the park. Although Petr Cech didn’t have a lot to do he still was the right man for the day and is such a professional and is still one of the best in the world. On Eriksen’s free kick early on in the match, Cech had it covered even though it clanged off the crossbar.

Gary Cahill deserved massive praise as well! He has been out of form recently and to see him back to his best was a joy to watch and what a game to get back to form. Diego Costa was exceptional in every aspect and although the goal won’t be given to him, for me he is everything I ever wanted from a Chelsea FC striker.

Heart, passion, anger and determination, along with the world class footballer he is sums up what out number 19 is all about. He gives the Blues an edge that they have been missing for years, a striker that opposing defenses for his goals and his physicality.

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More from Chelsea FC News

The great thing coming out of the game was that you could say anyone in blue deserved to be man of the match but our Captain, Leader and Legend stood out from the rest. John Terry put in an exceptional display proving why he is the best English defender in the country and simply why he is our Captain.

He had probably the most in form player in the country, Harry Kane in his back pocket and martialed the back four brilliantly. Terry put in a shift worthy of a man ten year years his junior and has proven once again how indispensable he is for the Blues.

It was Jose Mourinho’s first trophy since returning from Real Madrid and it was well deserved. Mourinho won the match before it began with his excellent lineup choices and he gave off the confident vibe of a man who had been there and done that. It was indeed a week to remember for Chelsea FC faithful and one we won’t soon forget.