Chelsea FC To Shave Heads For New £100m Sponsor


In a surprise press conference Wednesday, Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich announced a sponsorship deal with American hair-cutting powerhouse: Supercuts. The salon conglomerate already has a few franchises in the United Kingdom, and many see this £100m deal as an ambitious attempt to expand their market into the rest of Europe.

Incredibly, the Russian owner announced that Supercuts is not asking for any jersey space in the contract unlike previous sponsors like Samsung, Fly Emirates, or Yokohama. The official language of the contract has yet to be released, but sources in England say that the language includes an unorthodox publicity technique: shaving the player’s heads.

The rumors got even stronger when Chelsea FC dropped this major hint on its Twitter page only hours after announcing the new sponsorship deal:

It might just be an innocent comment about Oscar’s superior sense of fashion, but is it too coincidental that it came on the same day as the deal was announced?

Piers Morgan went on CNN today and spoke about the rumors. He said:

"“I am a Gunners fan through and through, but it’s amazing what those Chelsea boys are doing for charity! In fact, if they do shave their heads, count me in! I will do it too!”"

While some suggest that Morgan mentioned charitable efforts because he has insider knowledge on the details of the contract, most people agree that he is just so out of touch with English football, England itself, and the queen, that he probably just assumed it was for charity, and did not bother to read on. Journalists are afraid to ask him which it is, though, in fear of tipping him off and preventing him from shaving his head.

Comment below on who you are most excited to see bald! Is it Filipe Luis without his gorgeous mane, Diego Costa looking even more thuggish than he does now, Willian without his signature afro, Juan Cuadrado without his tentacles, or Ramires… well, no, I guess that’d just stay the same!

From the folks at the Pride, a joyful 1st of April to you all! Come on, you Blues!

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