Chelsea FC’s Didier Drogba Eyeing MLS Move


After announcing that this season was going to be his last wearing Chelsea FC Blue, King Didier has hinted at the possibility of heading stateside to help grow the ever-expanding MLS. The main reason, he stated in an interview with The Guardian, was playing time:

"Next year I want to have more minutes than I am having now. I just want to play, you know, and finish maybe on a high saying that ‘I gave everything and I can’t do that any more.’ This year I didn’t have that feeling. In fact, I felt I could still play and I still want to enjoy it before I stop.I played enough games to give a contribution to win the league, and that is the most important thing. I’m a bit frustrated because you want to play more, even play every game, but it is not possible. But, to be honest, when I see all the players we have in this squad I feel happy that I gave a good contribution."

He’s not trying to say that he didn’t enjoy this season with Chelsea or that he’s frustrated at Jose Mourinho, but rather that he feels he still has enough in him to make a contribution. Even at 37, Drogba still has the same winning mentality!

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This wouldn’t mark the first time Drogba has played outside of Europe. In 2012-13, after winning the Champions League with Chelsea FC, he spent the first half of the season with Shanghai Shenhua before moving to Galatasaray the year after. There was some

He has made it clear that he wouldn’t play for another Premier League team since, in England, his heart remains in Chelsea. In the MLS, he’ll be joining the likes of Premier League legends Steven Gerrard and his longtime teammate Frank Lampard.

The popular notion these days is that the MLS is a retirement league, with many stars going to the States past their prime in search of playing time and money. However, any top-flight team would take any of Lampard, Gerrard, or Drogba even at this stage in their career.

Lampard showed this season at Manchester City that he still has what it takes to win games, as his goals either saved his team a point (vs. Chelsea) or ensured them three (vs. Sunderland). Even if they are no longer effective now, they all have a proven pedigree of experience and winning and can greatly impact the mood in the dressing room. If you want to see a retirement league, then watch Bellator.

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The Designated Player Rule was first used to accommodate David Beckham, when he came to the MLS at 2007. His presence did wonders to attract the world’s attention to the American football market.

While he did contribute a fair share to the team – he arrived at 31, not totally past his prime – he still took a backseat to regulars such as Landon Donovan and Omar Gonzalez, and even helped to increase their exposure to a global audience by playing alongside them.

Beckham has since paved the way towards Toronto FC signing Sebastian Giovinco at the perfect time – he’s gotten valuable training at Juventus and is arriving at a time where he provides valuable first-team minutes. Conte would be a fool to overlook him for the Azzurri’s Euro 2016 squad.

The incentive for Frank, Stevie G, and Didier in joining the MLS is to provide valuable minutes – if not first-team – and to change the culture of a team. Besides, who wouldn’t want to live in the States?

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