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After winning the Premier League trophy, it is hard to imagine that Chelsea FC have much room for improvement but there is always room to grow as a squad. The Blues will also want to challenge more seriously in Europe for a Champions League place so some investment is also needed.

The main area Chelsea FC needs to improve is  finding a secure number 10. Kevin de Bruyne and Juan Mata have both left Chelsea FC only to flourish at their new clubs Manchester United and Wolfsburg. Mata has had a harder time of it than De Bruyne because he has not played as often but the young Belgian has the most assists in the Bundesliga with 20.

There was some hope that De Bruyne would return to Chelsea but he recently revealed that he would never return to the club while Mourinho was in charge. Apparently being benched by Mourinho for his poor effort in a League Cup match was enough for him to not like his manager.

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Considering Oscar’s dip in form and possibly falling out of Jose Mourinho’s favour, he could very well be the next one on the way out. Mourinho has assured us in the media that Oscar will have an “evolution” similar to Eden Hazard’s this season but we shall see if that is with Chelsea.

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We must find a number 10 on the market who can provide consistency throughout the season, or have someone like Hazard move to that role if there’s nobody available. Improving the striker depth could also be something to look at considering Diego Costa’s well-documented injury problems. The Blues may be looking to Radamel Falcao to fill that depth after Didier Drogba announced that he would be leaving Chelsea FC once again.

To fill some of the other holes on the roster there are a few signings that would be excellent additions. The number one dream signing would be Gareth Bale who is currently with Real Madrid. Just imagine a front three of Hazard, Costa, and Bale…no one would ever complain about us being boring. Bale on his own is capable of scoring 20 goals in the Premier League so just imagine him getting set up by two unselfish players in Hazard and Costa.

Even if Bale does not get sold by Madrid there are some other exciting players out there that could fill that hole. Antoine Griezmann of Atletico Madrid would be a fantastic addition to the squad and would probably cost about half the price of Gareth Bale.

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