Chelsea FC Take On Arsenal: 5 Previous Meetings

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Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea, 26th April 2015

As last season’s Premier League campaign drew to a close, Chelsea took an important step towards clinching the title with a 0-0 draw at The Emirates. Arsenal fans vented their frustration throughout the match with chants of “boring boring Chelsea”, as the away side clearly set out to defend.

As the final whistle blew, Chelsea, led by captain John Terry, celebrated the draw like a victory before saluting the fans who had made the short trip. The point left the Blues needing just six more from the remaining five games to be named champions, a feat which they accomplished in the minimum time defeating Leicester City and Crystal Palace in the following two games.

Facing further criticism from both the media and Arsene Wenger after the game, Mourinho made the memorable remark that “boring is 10 years without the title”.

Frankly, Wenger’s criticism of Mourinho meant nothing, as the Arsenal manager had failed to beat Mourinho on his 13th attempt. It was not one of the best matches, but was certainly one of the most important results for Chelsea.

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