Chelsea FC’s Cesc Fabregas Thanks Jose Mourinho Following Dismissal

Credit: Chris Axon
Credit: Chris Axon /

Cesc Fabregas has thanked Jose Mourinho after he parted ways with Chelsea FC earlier today.

The Blues boss was dismissed earlier this afternoon after an awful campaign that has seen Chelsea lose nine out of their 16 Premier League games so far. Although the club described the agreement as one decided by ‘mutual consent’ there are few people buying it.

Now, Cesc Fabregas has taken the Twitter to publicly thank Mourinho, in the first acknowledgement of the situation by a Chelsea player.

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Unfortunately, any attempted sincerity in this message will be dismissed by much of the press and many Chelsea fans. Fabregas has been the player most frequently linked with dressing room unrest as well as the person accused of leading an internal revolt against his manager.

With Mourinho now gone, a sizeable proportion of Blues fans are implicating the Spaniard in constructing the circumstances for his dismissal.

Having said that, an even larger proportion of the fan-base are disgusted by Roman Abramovich’s decision and the behaviour of the players in general, which they feel was an unconquerable obstacle.

The squad have often looked downright disinterested on the field, larking about with no real determination. While not performing for your manager is one thing, the fact that they continued to disappoint despite the unjustifiably great support from the Blues fans in unforgivable.

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Fabregas, personally. has been truly terrible so far this season and has sat out the last few games as a result. He has been arguably the player who has copped the most abuse from the fans, with such stories regarding his petulance only adding to the ire.

Whether he is genuinely trying to be sincere or not, this tweet will undoubtedly be taken with a pinch of salt. The image that has been projected of the Spaniard leading a campaign to oust Mourinho from the club will be at the forefront of the mind of anyone who reads this message.

Fabregas will now have to attempt to win back the Stamford Bridge faithful. He is undeniably talented, but he has simply lacked the effort and concentration to prove his quality. The only way that the supporters will come back onto his side is if he starts to take control of games like his innate skills warrant.

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Having said that, many people believe that a decent Chelsea performance on Saturday will do little but prove that this squad is comprised of whiny, childish individuals.

Saturday is going to be some day.