Virtual Tour Of Chelsea FC’s New Stadium: This Is Quite Cool


You can take a (limited) virtual tour of Chelsea FC’s proposed new stadium as the Blues push towards their big Stamford Bridge redevelopment.

Chelsea are in the process of negotiating the final parts of their plans to turn Stamford Bridge into a 60,000-seater monstrosity. I mean that in a good way, of course.

Now, some keen yet talented computer geek has managed to translate the previously released models and 2D images into a 3D virtual tour. This is inevitably limited but it does give us some idea of the stand shapes and forms in the context of the pitch.

This is a long-overdue chapter in the club’s history as the rest of the footballing giants upgrade and update their venues for the large modern football audience. Arsenal and Manchester City are in relatively new grounds while Manchester United continue to develop Old Trafford. Liverpool, meanwhile, are just about to increase Anfield’s capacity. Even the likes of Atletico Madrid are imminently moving into massive arenas.

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While Chelsea have been at the forefront of most external footballing matters, Stamford Bridge’s location has somewhat inhibited them in the stadium department. The club’s rich history and attachment to their home ground has rendered a move elsewhere nigh on impossible and given the limited space available in the immediate vicinity, the only option is to knock it all down and rebuild.

Chelsea are now trying to strike a deal to temporarily call Wembley Stadium their home. The works are supposed to take three years to complete and despite being rather far away from Chelsea or Fulham, the national stadium has presented the easiest and most convenient choice.

This may even involve a groundshare with Tottenham Hotspur, who are also seeking a switch as they move into a larger arena. Spurs have reportedly matched Chelsea’s bid for one year’s use of Wembley and the Football Association (FA) seem willing to scantion the communal use.

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While the formalities continue to be sorted, it is great to see all the talk of a new ground actually transform into tangible progress. I’m excited.