Chelsea cannot get into a drawn out battle over Jadon Sancho

Chelsea and seemingly every other club in the world want Jadon Sancho. The Blues cannot afford to get drawn into a battle over the winger.

At 20 years old as of today, there is perhaps no player more wanted in the world right now than Jadon Sancho. His rise ever since leaving Manchester City for Dortmund has been astronomical and now everyone wants to be his next destination.

Chelsea fans have been on this bandwagon early and often. Due to Sancho’s London roots, as well as his support of Chelsea, the Blues feel like there is a special advantage to be gained over the player’s future.

While there may be some kernel of truth to that, the reality is that Sancho has a job to do. He will go to wherever is most beneficial for his career, club loyalties left aside. Chelsea can make a play over the winger, but other clubs in the hunt have more resources to throw at the winger. The Blues cannot get drawn into a battle when the squad needs strengthening elsewhere.

Fabrizio “here we go!” Romano is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, journalists in the game when it comes to transfer news. His “here we go!” is practically a club official statement such is his trustworthiness. Romano has stated that Manchester United is currently leading the race for Sancho. Though it did not come with his famous phrase, simply that it comes from him makes it more likely than not.

Simply put, Chelsea cannot throw as much at Sancho as United can. The Manchester club can both pay Dortmund a higher fee than Chelsea could as well as pay a higher wage. They have lost control of their spending in recent seasons, but for Sancho they would surely be willing to splurge in a way the self sufficient Chelsea could and would not.

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They are likely the only domestic rival for Sancho’s signature given the North London clubs could not afford it, Manchester City already lost him and have no Champions League to offer, and Liverpool would likely throw their efforts elsewhere for that much money. Abroad, it would be shocking not to see clubs such as Bayern Munich, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris Saint Germain not make some effort at the winger.

And that is not to mention the club he is currently at: Dortmund. With two more years on his contract, Dortmund do not necessarily have to sell now by any means. Sure, there is the risk of clubs being willing to wait until Sancho is a free agent, but in all likelihood clubs would be willing to pay for him next summer just as much as this one. Sancho is only 20 and could develop there for another year as club’s worldwide start earmarking more and more money for the player.

Conservatively, Sancho would surely go for at least £100 million pounds this summer. Chelsea could afford that, but not much more. And regardless, Chelsea could turn that £100 million into two or more players that could improve the squad in several spots rather than just the one.

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That is not to say Chelsea should give up on the English winger. They simply should not get dragged into a bidding war with their usual tunnel vision. Sancho is not the only player in the world that can improve the Blues. The longer a transfer saga goes on around him, the less interest Chelsea should show as they start focusing elsewhere.


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