Chelsea: Kante handling continues record of perfection

Midfielder N’Golo Kante has been given permission by Chelsea to miss the remainder of the season.

Kante missed out on training Thursday and he became the latest Premier League player to display his concerns about Coronavirus. Chelsea has reportedly given its midfielder permission to miss the remainder of the season due to his COVID-19 concerns, should he so choose.

Kante was given the go ahead to miss training on Thursday amidst his concerns regarding the worldwide pandemic. As the biggest name to take action against a Premier League restart, the footballing world was taken aback by Kante’s absence. However, the Frenchman has had medical issues of his own in the past and also lost his brother due to a heart attack. Therefore, anything less than sympathizing for Kante in this situation would be a disgraceful action by the club and its supporters.

The 29-year-old is not the first footballer to put their family’s health and their own health before the game. He certainly won’t be the last. Clubs and players realize, regardless of their stance on a potential restart, health is far more important than playing the last nine or 10 games of the season. Chelsea’s understanding and caring response to Kante comes after the club has put itself at the forefront of combatting Coronavirus.

The Blues—led by Roman Abramovich—have done everything in their power to help out. From opening up the team hotel for medical personnel to donating countless supplies, no club has seemingly done more than Chelsea. However, the Blues had yet to encounter a star player opposing a restart—and even training—until Kante. Yet, they remained consistent with their past actions and tipped their hand. In west London, health and safety are what matter most.

It goes without saying, not having Kante the rest of the season hurts from a footballing perspective. However, Chelsea has got a plethora of midfielders coming back healthy, it’ll make do. If Chelsea didn’t allow the 29-year-old to miss training and even matches, it would go against everything it has done in response to the tragedy thus far.

It’s unknown whether or not Kante’s plan is to miss the remainder of the season, if there even is a season. But, the Blues made sure that the Frenchman had the option before the situation got sticky. Add this decision to the list of hurdles Frank Lampard has had to overcome during his first season as manager, but handled perfectly.

Much like the relief efforts, the Blues are setting a precedent with the Kante decision. Regardless of where Chelsea fans stand on a potential restart, the club has made each and every supporter proud with how it has handled the entire situation.