Chelsea is building for the Champions League dream once again

Chelsea has been making big transfer after big transfer with more on the way. The Blues are building to win the Champions League once again.

Roman Abramovich’s goal was to bring Chelsea success. He did so with Jose Mourinho at the helm in 2005. Part two was to bring the big eared trophy to London. Abramovich spent big to make Chelsea into a juggernaut. But it was never quite enough and the failure to win the Champions League played a huge part in the managerial merry go round that the Blues became famous for.

Mourinho? “Mutual” parting of ways. Avram Grant made the final and what happened? Gone after it was lost. Luiz Felipe Scolari was gone as the league standards slipped. Carlo Ancelotti created what was arguably the best Chelsea side ever, but failure to win the Champions League saw him pushed out the door. Andre Villas-Boas was given his shot, but Napoli removed him in lieu of Roberto Di Matteo who actually went on to win the thing.

Once winning the Champions League, Abramovich calmed down. The transfers were not as flashy and the managers felt safer in their seats (so long as things were okay domestically). But Abramovich is getting itchy again. The recent signings, plus the rumored ones, indicate that he is building Chelsea up for something. He is building the Blues up to win the Champions League again.

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Of course, step one is simply to remain a Champions League club. The upcoming season will be the first consecutive Champions League season since Jose Mourinho was the manager. Part of that has been managerial fall outs between the players and managers, but also a whole lot of bargain buying for players that were the second, third, or even fourth option for the Blues.

This summer is featuring none of that, in part because Chelsea is one of the few clubs globally able to buy players this summer. The transfer ban, in a weird way, allowed the Blues to stockpile money that other clubs simply do not have right now and it also gave Chelsea a chance to use their youth. Those youth are filling in the cracks that transfers used to. And with money in the bank, youth filling in gaps, and no one to compete with, Abramovich decided now was the time to reinvigorate his Chelsea empire and aim for the biggest club trophy in the world once again.

Perhaps most importantly is how quickly and aggressively Chelsea is getting these signings done. Hakim Ziyech was brought in before anyone else really knew he was available. As soon as Liverpool wavered on Timo Werner, Chelsea was there to snap him up. Even Kai Havertz, should he sign, will be joining Chelsea despite being arguably the biggest wonder kid in the game right now. Add in that Chelsea is still rumored to be looking at a left back, a keeper, and perhaps a center back and the Blues are not even stopping to breathe between signings.

They are names that makes one think of the Michael Ballack, Michael Essien, and Frank Lampard midfield. They make one think of John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho ahead of Petr Cech. Of Didier Drogba leading the line. It took the back end of most of their careers to finally win the Champions League, but Chelsea is laying the groundwork for something similar now.

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Abramovich wants the big eared trophy again. And he is doing everything he can to make that dream a reality once more.


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