Chelsea: Three moments defining Eden Hazard on his 30th birthday

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN - MAY 29: Eden hazard celebrates with the trophy during the UEFA Europa League Final between Chelsea and Arsenal at Baku Olimpiya Stadionu on May 29, 2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
BAKU, AZERBAIJAN - MAY 29: Eden hazard celebrates with the trophy during the UEFA Europa League Final between Chelsea and Arsenal at Baku Olimpiya Stadionu on May 29, 2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

As Eden Hazard turns 30, it is time to look back on a few moments that defined the former Chelsea player’s time in London.

Of all the legends to ever wear a Chelsea shirt, Eden Hazard is amongst the top. The Belgian gave his everything while wearing blue and always put on a show to be admired. Hazard’s contribution to Chelsea’s history and development should not be understated and will always be remembered. On his 30th birthday, we remember the three best moments of Hazard’s Chelsea career:

1. The hattrick

Eden Hazard’s hattrick against Newcastle United will be remembered as a highlight in his Chelsea career. This was a nervy game for Chelsea, but Hazard took it upon himself to destroy the opposition. His first goal was all about positional awareness of himself and his opposition, and an example of his abilities. A first touch finish to the bottom left corner.

But the second goal, was the talk of the town. With a typical “Jose Mourinho counter attack” Hazard made his signature “cut” move from the left to the right, and played a give-and-go with Samuel Eto’o. This resulted in a brilliant goal that will always be remembered as one of his best in terms of creativity and brilliance off the ball.

Lastly, the penalty, was more of a formality after a masterclass performance. Hazard terrorized the entire Newcastle team and mesmerized every Chelsea fan. Therefore, once the penalty came, there was only one person to step up and Hazard delivered. A cool and collected penalty to solidify the performance and get a well-deserved hattrick.

It is in this game where the world turned the warning signs on Hazard. His ability on and off the ball became popular, and his potential seemed boundless.

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2. That goal against Arsenal

Arguably, this was Hazard’s best season in a Chelsea shirt, but this was definitely his best goal. It was an uncomfortable game for Chelsea as the team did not dominate possession, nor the rhythm of the game. Yet, the Blues dominated the score line which provided peace of mind. However, one things stood out: Hazard’s mentality in this game. Chelsea’s former #10 was involved in everything positive for the team. From retaining the ball, to pushing forward, Hazard did it all.

However, the magic came the moment he received the ball in the middle of the field, and took it upon himself to break down half of the Arsenal team. Hazard out bodied, outpaced, and outsmarted every player that tried to dispossess him. And to put the cherry on top, he scores a wonderful solo goal with three Arsenal players marking him.

This moment was the epitome of Hazard’s brilliance. Here he executed his intelligence, physical attributes, and natural skills to their full extent. On this day, every Chelsea fan looked down at Arsenal, and also held Hazard as one of the best in the world.

3. The goodbye

Ironically, Hazard’s last game, and one of his best performances was in his final game in a Chelsea shirt. In the 18-19 Europa League winning season, there was a lot of speculation as to Hazard’s future. And once the final came around, it was all but confirmed that the Belgian would no longer play for the Blues.

However, that did not stop him from putting an outstanding performance in the Europa League final. Hazard gave a final gift to Chelsea fans, not only with his goals, but his overall performance. Eden controlled most of the game by himself, created chances, and helped the Blues batter Arsenal 4-1. Hazard scored 2 of the goals and took a bow in glory for the fans, his team mates, and his career as a Chelsea players.

The magician will always be remembered as one of the best players to ever wear the Chelsea badge. Hazard’s unpredictability, and ability to do the seemingly impossible, made him a joy to watch. Every time he touched the ball, magic was bound to happen, and blinking was a luxury that could cost you to miss it. While it would be a dream to have him still play for the Blues, his time at the club had run its course, and it was best to part ways in good terms. However, on his 30th birthday, one can only wonder what would have been, and how much more he could have done for the team.

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From everyone at Pride of London, we wish the legend a happy 30th birthday.