Chelsea: Timo Werner flying as MOTM with two assists to sink Blades

Timo Werner is beginning to emerge out of his shell for Chelsea as his two assists sunk the Blades as Chelsea dropped Sheffield United, 2-1. Werner was the Man of the Match against Sheffield. He was clearly the best player on the pitch and the most productive. While the goals have yet to come from the German ace, count on it. They will, and soon. He has been just a tad off his mark lately when he does get service from midfield, occasions of which are few and far between. His midfield has provided almost nothing in service to the flying German and that is a significant reason why his goal output has stalled of-late. But Werner’s pace and determination will not be denied as he almost single-handedly won the last two matches for the Blues.

Werner was brought over from Leipzig with much fanfare after tearing up the Bundesliga last season, second only to the magnificent Robert Lewandowski for top-scoring honors. His transition to the much brawnier and tougher Premier League has been a challenge but Werner is beginning to adapt and break out of his slump to help lead Chelsea to what will hopefully for the many Blues’ fans be top four qualification. This spells bad news for Premier League opponents for the rest of the season and beyond.

Werner’s pace and ability to get behind bigger and slower Premier League central defenders were evident in his superlative showing against the Blades. His slashing style and ability to get behind their defenders and in the case of the Mount goal deliver a perfect drop pass to seal an easy goal were splendid. In addition, Werner had an opportunity for a chip over the Sheffield keeper that was only deflected and thwarted by a strong defensive effort by a Sheffield defender. That could very well have been the goal to help snap the wonder scored out of his goal-scoring slump. But it is clearly on the way. No doubt on that.

Has it been an adjustment period for Werner? For sure. But it is becoming increasingly clear that the adjustments have been made and it is only a matter of time before Werner is shredding Premier League defenses to bits with his pace and dashes toward the goal. His breakout is imminent and it will happen perhaps at the moment when it is needed most by the Blues against a top opponent like Manchester City or Liverpool when it will have the greatest impact.

Take this to the bank, Werner will explode soon in the Premier League and in Europe for big-time goals. The problems he has encountered have included the following: acclimation to a new country, new home, new league, new team, new everything. It’s not easy in the best of circumstances never mind in the worst world-wide crisis since WWII. But there have been no complaints. No excuses. Just hard work and increasingly positive results. And the results will keep on coming, of that, this writer is certain.

It says here that Werner’s teammates’ performance is the real issue for Werner, not his game, Tuchel’s No. 1 priority at present is to put together the correct supporting cast to give Werner the opportunity to excel. He has not done so so far, and neither did Frank Lampard. So., what is that combination? That’s the $64,000 question, as they say. Maybe it’s Werner coupled with Olivier Giroud with Hakim Ziyech and Christian Pulisic on the wings. Maybe it’s Werner and Abraham with Callum Hudson-Odoi up-front. Or maybe it’s Werner with Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi, and Ziyech.

Those are the questions that Tuchel has to answer. It’s like a combination of a safe. A wrong digit here or there and the safe stays slammed shut. But it’s Tuchel, with his vast experience coaching magnificent players at Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain who is paid to find the answers and unlock the combination for success. So far, the German gaffer has done exceedingly well in unlocking 10 points from a possible 12 in the Premier League. An enviable commencement, indeed.

But how he unlocks the talents of Werner, Kai Havertz, Hakim Ziyech, and their teammates will determine how great, successful, and trophy-winning his tenure at Chelsea will be. The bet here is that Tuchel will be the master locksmith, and Chelsea perhaps not until next season will win the title. First, this season, Champions League qualification is the goal. Then, the rest will follow. We’re on to Barnsley on Thursday. Maybe, just maybe, that will be the day that Werner and his teammates break out. We’ll see. But one thing is certain if Tuchel can find the right combination, the treasure and the title will one day be secured.