Chelsea: Champions of Europe start a new chapter

When John Terry and Frank Lampard jointly lifted the Champions League in 2012, after the heroics of Didier Drogba and Petr Cech, it very much felt like the end of an era. Roman Abramovich had arrived at Chelsea with a mission. He had assembled some of the greatest players on the planet. And, at their last, they won the trophy that solidified them in Chelsea legend.

The years since then haven’t been as stellar. There have been successes in the form of Premier Leagues, FA Cups, League Cups, and Europa Leagues. Overall, however, it felt like the Blues were in a constant state of transition.

Jose Mourinho returned and it seemed the Blues were ready again. They weren’t. Antonio Conte came in and the Blues nearly looked ready again. They weren’t. Frank Lampard came in with big ideas and a love for the club unrivaled. It wasn’t enough either. Thomas Tuchel’s arrival may have come at the right time but the why isn’t really important right now. Chelsea are Champions of Europe and rightfully so.

Chelsea under Thomas Tuchel demanded attention. They demanded to be taken seriously. Atletico Madrid and Porto were swept aside. Real Madrid was lucky they ever even had a chance. And Manchester City, the “best team in the world” managed by “the best manager in the world”? Chelsea completely nullified them. The Blues had completely control over proceedings as they again lifted the big ears.

Just like 2012, 2021 is the end of an era. But, perhaps more importantly, it is the beginning of something new. Tuchel, for whatever mistakes he has made, has earned his time with the Blues. This young side featuring academy graduates, future super stars, and wise veterans, is entering a new era.

The Blues were here before with Mourinho and with Conte. Both times, rather than building on success, they settled for the success they had. That cannot happen once again. Whereas Robert Di Matteo made the impossible possible, Tuchel made it never look in doubt. This is the time to build on this success. Not to settle.

If Tuchel wants a striker this summer, get him a striker. No questions asked. Wants a midfielder? Get him one. Wants a new defender or keeper? Name your guy Tuchel. No quibbling over price or who might “fit” any manager. Give Tuchel the reigns.

Let the new era of Chelsea learn from the mistakes of the era that ended today. Turn Chelsea into the juggernaut, unchallenged, Abramovich always really wanted them to be. The Big Ears is checked off. Reach for the next mountaintop.

To a T(T), this squad is full of potential yet to be fulfilled and already fulfilled. Build on that. Build on what Tuchel’s already built. Let the end of this era be the dawn of a new one.

Chelsea Football Club. Champions of Europe. Let’s keep going. Let’s be more. Let’s be Champions of the world, galaxy, universe, multiverse whatever is next. Rest up tonight because the new era starts tomorrow in earnest.