Value and acclaim rise for Chelsea wonderkid Mason Mount

Mason Mount, recently named Chelsea’s Player of the Year, is also climbing the charts in other places as he rises to superstar status. Should we be surprised? Not in the opinion of one of—if not the—world’s best players. Early in 2020, Lionel Messi named Mount as one of the world’s most exciting young stars. As of now, it looks like the Argentine was spot on about the young English phenom.

Mount is now realizing the potential that the world’s best had indicated was possible for him. In addition to winning the Player of the Year for the Blues, Mount also played a pivotal role in their carrying a second Champions League trophy back to the trophy case. Not to mention, all of this happened to a 22-year-old.

To boot, it seems Mount’s value has skyrocketed to an astronomical £67.5 million, not that the Blues hierarchy would be entertaining any thought whatsoever of selling the young star. In fact, Chelsea should be thinking of an extension now for Mount to assure that he is at the club for many years to come. Mount undoubtedly bleeds blue, as he has ascended the ladder of the Chelsea Academy from youngster to burgeoning superstar. Let’s not forget the contribution of fellow former Chelsea superstar, Frank Lampard. As the manager, Lampard gave Mount opportunities at Derby County, but also when he assumed the role of gaffer at Chelsea. Lampard obviously knew the amazing potential he had at his disposal in those assignments and used Mount accordingly. Bravo, Super Frank!

New manager Thomas Tuchel also seemed to notice Mount’s ability fairly early (how could you not?) as Mount became an integral part of the first team and an undroppable player by the end of the season. Even former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has now weighed in on the budding star. Sports Illustrated reported the following from Mourinho regarding Mount:

“I think he is very, very intelligent on the pitch. From what I see, he has a very good understanding of the game. He has goals, which is an important thing for a midfield player. I like him very much.”

The sky seems to be the limit for Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount.

Mount will be headed into only his third season at Chelsea in 2021/22, yet he won’t be 23 until next January. The future is certainly bright for the youngster. In a Chelsea squad loaded with talent, under a manager who seems to be able to get the best out of the current assemblage, the possibilities are limitless for both player and club as they progress together in the future. In fact, Mount may become a top level player who becomes a magnet for other top players. These potential transfers will wish to join Mount and other stars at Stamford Bridge to participate in the emerging greatness that the Blues seem to be already achieving. The recent Champions League win is a stark example of this.

A possible candidate is Mount’s friend and former Chelsea Academy product, Declan Rice, who currently plies his trade at West Ham. Perhaps with Mount’s influence (and the club’s willingness to part with considerable funds), they can link them up again in the future.

Another transfer target for the Blues—albeit a long-shot—also recently spoke about Mount. Harry Kane had this to say about his Three Lions teammate:

‘I love Mason as a player,’ Kane told The Overlap. ‘Everyone is talking about him now, but there was a couple of questions marks over him and whether he should be playing ahead of some other players. ‘But he’s been great, he’s so good on the ball and he’s a real nuisance off the ball. With the way we want to play and press and win the ball back with England, it suits us perfectly. ‘He’s a really level-headed guy, he works so hard. He’s quiet but he’s not afraid to talk on the pitch. I’m glad he’s doing what he’s doing and proving a lot of people wrong.’

Should this admiration result in a Kane transfer to Chelsea (in addition to Rice) then the sky would be the limit for Chelsea. The Blues would be poised to contend for titles both in England and Europe for years. That’s a dream, perhaps, but it’s a good one nonetheless. Meanwhile, Mount and his current Chelsea teammates have already climbed the Mount Olympus of Europe and conquered it. With a few additions, might they be able to achieve even more? That is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, Chelsea fans all over the world still revel in the massive victory in the Champions League. When reminiscing on that night in Porto though, spare a thought for the midfield phenom who is Mount.