Chelsea vs Chesterfield score predictions: FA Cup feasting

Chelsea hosts non-league side Chesterfield in the FA Cup on Saturday as the reigning FA Cup runner-up makes its debut in the 2021/22 competition. While the Spireites’ National League status makes them seem like a complete pushover, give credit where it is due, they are sitting comfortably atop the English fifth division at this moment in time. These are the matches the FA Cup is designed to host, it’ll be an excellent day out for the Chesterfield players and fans. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the reality of the situation. The Blues have the opportunity to produce one of the most lob-sided results in the competition’s storied history.

The defending European Champions against a non-league side, while it’s hardly a fair fight, games are not played on paper. Thomas Tuchel is expected to name a team full of youngsters given the fact his squad faces Manchester City and Tottenham in the coming days. It’ll be an important game for both sides, specifically the hosts, who are getting a chance to rest key players all while giving experience to some talented young stars.

Here is how The Pride of London team sees the contest playing out:

Kevin Peacock: 6-0 Chelsea

There will be goals in this for sure, many goals in fact. They’ll all be Chelsea’s. This could be the perfect game to kick-start Timo Werner’s stop-start Blues career. I’m not for one second suggesting they play at the German’s level, but a hat-trick or two would boost his luck in front of goal. Werner always gives 100 percent and he just has the unfortunate habit of being misfortunate. Hopefully a few more of the academy kids get some serious game time and after a period of high intensity, this game may well provide some welcome respite. Tuchel has been put under immense strain in recent weeks and has coped as well as anyone possibly could, let’s hope he—more than anyone—has a relaxing evening.

Olaoluwa Nwobodo: 5-0 Chelsea

This is perfect for the Blues. They want to rest players but they also need to win this game to progress. Chelsea should be able to field a second string starting XI and still do just fine. The Blues cannot afford to be complacent otherwise they could the subject of someone very entertaining headlines come Sunday.

Barrett Rouen: 4-0 Chelsea

I think Tommy the Great’s being forced out of his overly conservative nature by injuries and COVID is going to work wonders for Chelsea’s youth players and some of the more rotational lads. That said, Chesterfield isn’t going to lay down and just take it from us. That’s not how the FA Cup works. Being that it’s going to be more players out of condition and from the youth set up, I don’t think this will get too out of hand. Hopefully there are a couple debuts and matches from players we can see in a fully homegrown back line in the next couple of seasons.

I know you’re not all hoping for that in the same way that I am, but a back-three of all homegrown centerbacks would be pretty sweet. That doesn’t have a lot to do with what it is we’re talking about at this point, I just figured I’d write about it anyway because I don’t really take the predictions part too seriously. That is, of course, outside of obviously hoping that my esteemed and long-time colleague, cohort and friend Scott Brant is wrong by a country mile every single week and then just saying that Chelsea will win without looking at who we’re playing. I hope you’re having a good day if you bothered to read this far. That is all.

Mike Malley: 3-0 Chelsea

Serious question; who will be starting for Chelsea? The Blues’ first team is in dire need of a long rest, so expect to see a lot of kit numbers in the 50s, 60s and 70s. If all goes well, Marcus Bettinelli will be celebrating his first clean sheet at Stamford Bridge at full-time. Giving Werner a runout wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Hat-trick for the German.

Gabe Henderson: 5-1 Chelsea

I am of the mindset that Tuchel should simply name a starting XI comprised of all developmental squad players and Bettinelli. However, I know that’s likely not going to happen. Not this season. Tuchel is taking every competition very seriously and part of that is viewing Chesterfield for the threat the Spireites truly are right now. Chesterfield is averaging nearly two goals per game in the English fifth division, so expect it to come out blitzing against a Chelsea side that has no chemistry whatsoever in a back four. This will see the Blues undone at home in a moment that stuns the crowd to cut the host’s lead to just four goals at the end. Yeah, I respect Chesterfield, but I don’t foresee it pulling off one of—if not the—biggest upset in FA Cup history. Tuchel’s men win comfortably, give the starters a rest and some youngsters their debuts.

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