Graham Potter’s Chelsea: Where should Mason Mount play?


Mason Mount of Chelsea (Photo Visionhaus/Getty Images)

Chelsea has only played one game under Graham Potter so it’s difficult to say with certainty how he’d set up and which player will play where.

From the little fans have seen, it appears Potter will focus on a three-centerback formation, though the formation is likely to change several times during the game to respond to changes in the opponent’s shape. In the game against RB Salzburg, Potter deployed a 3-5-2, with Raheem Sterling at left wingback, and Jorginho, Mason Mount, and Mateo Kovacic as central midfielders. This gives an idea of how Potter is considering using various players.

Mount is very good on the half-turn and is a magnificent ball career. This makes him a very good candidate for playing in a midfield three. His being deployed alongside Jorginho and Kovacic meant that the latter two could sit while Mount roamed forward, occupied the attacking midfield areas, and arrived in the box late to take shots. Mount has good passing, though it’s not one of his strengths.

In Potter’s system, the central midfield is very important on and off the ball for control of the game. On the ball, they have to be good in distribution, and off the ball, they have to press very well to win the ball back. Mount has very good pressing numbers and that’d only benefit Chelsea.

Right central midfield is only one of the roles that Mount can play under the former Brighton manager. It all depends on what shape Potter wants on any given day. If the English manager decides on a double pivot, Mount will likely not play as a central midfielder that day, as he lacks the discipline to play as any of the central midfielders in a midfield two. Where then can Mount play if Potter does play a midfield two?

Wingback. Reece James started the game as a right wingback against Salzburg. Mount has very good ball-winning and tackling numbers. In addition to this, he’s a very good crosser of the ball and links up well with wingers. Mount completed 1.3 crosses last season at a 28% accuracy in the league for CFC last season. This is quite good. He made one such cross to Sterling in the Salzburg game, a cross which the former Manchester City forward scored beautifully.

Using Mount as a wingback would not be much different from using Sterling as one, as the wingback positions would likely be occupied by attackers anyway. The former can also play as one of the central attacking midfielders should Potter decide on using a style that requires attacking midfielders.