3 managers Chelsea should consider to massively upgrade Mauricio Pochettino

Since the legitimacy of the gaffer is under fire at Stamford Bridge, here are 3 managers Chelsea should consider to massively upgrade Mauricio Pochettino.

Chelsea FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League
Chelsea FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

Last year, it seemed like Chelsea could only be on the rise under the new management of Mauricio Pochettino. While his appointment seemed to take a century, fans expected a much quicker turnaround than has been the case this season.

The Blues find themselves in 11th place, only ahead of Bournemouth by four points despite playing an extra game. In truth, Chelsea are in dire straits and it doesn't seem like Pochettino is the manager they require at the helm.

With that in mind, here are the three players I would encourage Chelsea to consider, as each option would be an upgrade on Mauricio Pochettino, for differing reasons.

3 managers Chelsea should consider to upgrade Mauricio Pochettino

1. Jose Mourinho

Who says no?

Jose Mourinho remains the most successful manager in the club's fine history. The Portuguese boss is a serial winner and great footballing minds like his never die. Currently a free manager after being sacked by Roma last month, Mourinho could certainly be a great candidate to steer Chelsea back on the right path.

In many ways, Jose Mourinho is the reason why Chelsea are still considered a big club. He won the Premier League with Chelsea on three occasions, during two different stints. Some of the clubs he has managed since Chelsea hate him, but the consensus of Chelsea's fanbase is they they absolutely love him.

Mourinho is a feared manager as other clubs don't know what to expect when they lineup against him. I hate to admit it, but Pochettino isn't feared by anyone, and it's shown by some of the performances against the Blues (even on home soil) this season. That said, Mourinho would be my number one pick.

2. Michel Sanchez

Let's throw a more realistic option into the works but don't be fooled, Michel Sanchez is in this list because he would be a GREAT option for Chelsea.

For those who aren't aware of what's going on in Spain, Girona have exceeded all expectations this season, as they currently sit second in La Liga, only two points behind Real Madrid. He is considered to have the X-Factor in Spain, as he has won the La Liga manager of the month award on three separate occasions and currently, he has Girona on a hot streak, not losing in their last five league matches.

Sanchez is a young manager, which has its pros and cons. He would come to Stamford Bridge with a fresh approach and unlike Pochettino, has yet to be sussed out by his fellow English Top Flight managers.

3. Roberto De Zerbi

Some fans might not like to hear this, but Roberto De Zerbi is everything Pochettino was hyped up to be. His success at Brighton has not been overlooked as he is recognised as one of the finest tacticians in England.

The problem Chelsea have, is that Liverpool would also like to bring the Italian in. There's a reason why the best clubs in England are forming an orderly queue to snatch up De Zerbi, since he's the finest and most adaptable tactician in Europe at the moment.

Chelsea need this. They have many great players, without a collective identity. To bring in a coach like De Zerbi, who is accustomed to transforming unheard-of players into the very best world-beaters would elevate the dressing room and give the individuals a reason to fight for the badge again.


Which manager would you like to see next in line at Chelsea? Or do you trust Mauricio Pochettino?