Arsenal 5-0 Chelsea: 3 Blues who can hold their heads up after battering

Chelsea was very quickly yanked back down to earth as fans were floating in the clouds after lashing a hapless Everton 6-0 last week Monday, April 15. Reality hit grimly as Arsenal pummelled the Blues at the Emirates, making history.
Arsenal FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League
Arsenal FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League / Alex Pantling/GettyImages

Arsenal made history, recording its biggest ever win over Chelsea. This is doubly embarrassing considering CFC went 2-0 up in the reverse fixture, though only leaving that game with a draw.

On a day when the team concedes five goals and scores none, it's easier to single out players that weren't an eyesore, rather than players that were, so that is what the Pride of London has done. Here are three players who can hold their heads up after that abysmal team showing:

Dorde Petrovic, Goalkeeper

Petrovic conceded five goals on the night, but as difficult as it is to believe, it could have been worse and it should have been worse. Make no mistake, this is not even anywhere near the Serbian's best performance in Chelsea blue, in fact, the goalkeeper's performance could barely qualify as very good, but considering the circumstances, he had a much more respectable performance than most of the outfielders.

Yes, he made an error leading to a goal for the first goal because he let the ball pass through his legs at the near post, however he saved saved big chances from Kai Havertz and Gabriel Martinelli, chances that had they been scored, would have definitely penned Chelsea down for their worst defeat in Premier League history.

Every other goal the visitors conceded on the night were from shots from players who were wide open in areas they shouldn't have been. If Chelsea's outfielders had done their jobs, the Blues would have conceded just two goals on the night.

Benoit Badiashile, Centerback

Some fans disagree with this, if the conversation going on around him at halftime is any indication, however, perception is often different from reality, and Badiashile was one of Chelsea's best outfielders on the pitch among those who played the full match.

The centerback's role in buildup and defending was clear, despite him being left on his own for much of the game.

Badiashile completed as many passes as Arsenal's two center backs combined (94. This underscores how crucial he was to CFC's buildup. He played the role well too, because Chelsea had more of the ball after 90 minutes (56%). 

Yes, he misplaced some passes, but on a day when you concede five goals and should have conceded more, the issue cannot be the player who "misplaced some passes and made an error leading to a shot"

His role in defending was also equally crucial, as he read the game well. To put it in context, not only did Badiashile make more interceptions than anyone else in the match (4), he made more interceptions by himself than the rest of the Chelsea outfielders made, yes, including substitutes (3).

No player on the pitch blocked more shots than Badiashile, with Cucurella also blocking three. Badiashile also created two out of the seven shots Chelsea took on the night, including one out of the three big chances Pochettino's men received on the night.

Nicolas Jackson, Striker

I know, I know, Jackson was as disappointing as he was helpful. He did miss the golden opportunity to really trouble David Raya and perhaps score, when Gallagher crossed the ball into the box and Jackson snuck in front of William Saliba before the Arsenal centerback knew what was happening.

Jackson was also very effective up front for CFC on the night. He won four fouls, more than anyone else in the match. He also won the most duels for the away side. He was poor in front of goal again, but he contributed in other ways. The Blues definitely missed Cole Palmer in attack. This is the fifth time the Blues have allowed four goals or more in the Premier League this season, and it is baffling to see Chelsea fall apart so often.