Chelsea can do without Raheem Sterling's negative influence and should sell

If you want an example of an elite footballer shunning the obligatory team mentality, look no further than former England international Raheem Sterling
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Raheem Sterling
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There is one incident involving Sterling and a peer which would be awful to see happen again, especially as he is presently a squad leader. The Joe Gomez fight was the most high profile instance. The former even lashed out at legendary mentor Pep Guardiola upon exit from Etihad Stadium. A mere 'lack of minutes' was enough to enrage the erstwhile MCFC footballer. Personal gratification, or a lack of, is again the ostensible provocation.

Going forward

Ultimately, for the remainder of the 2023/24 campaign anyway, CFC boss Mauricio Pochettino has probably offered the best solution regarding the matter. 'Poch' implied that his player "understands" why sections of the home crowd, along with supporters watching on television, were annoyed with the 29-year-old. However, the one-time Tottenham Hotspur gaffer suggests it is best for fans and whomever concerned to 'move on' from the past at this juncture.

Yet this writer sympathises with the CFC faithful concerning Sterling frustrations. He's undoubtedly talented, but maybe suited to actually elevating another club at this stage. It is worth noting, nonetheless, that group member Noni Madueke defended his friend's performance and attitude following an unwise Foxes display. Ironically, Madueke would benefit from starting at Chels' without Sterling as a wing rival.