Chelsea's striker dilemma: Options after Benjamin Šeško stays at RB Leipzig

Explore the impact of Benjamin Šeško's decision to stay at RB Leipzig on Chelsea's striker search for next season. A dilemma deepens.
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Benjamin Šeško was a sought-after striker by Chelsea and Arsenal, two clubs ready to move for the striker when the opening arose. However, Šeško has wisely decided to stay at RB Leipzig and develop in a more serene environment.

Considering his young age, that seems the best decision, as a move to England would likely follow with high demands and pressure. But the two clubs are left at a crossroads, having to re-assess their striker options in the transfer market.

The Pride of London will explore the five routes Chelsea could take this summer regarding their striker situation.

Option 1 - Julián Álvarez

With reports suggesting that Chelsea was interested in Julián Álvarez and Šeško, many supporters believe that the West London club will pivot to signing the Argentine.

Although there are concerns that he profiles similarly to Nicolas Jackson, there is no debate that Álvarez provides an upgrade as a more well-polished all-rounder. This is evident when comparing the two strikers' numbers across different metrics.

Therefore, from a tactical perspective, the owners, Sporting Directors, and Enzo Maresca must assess whether Álvarez provides the required upsides they are interested in. It is especially a significant factor as Šeško, who was seemingly Chelsea's first-choice target, offered different perks in physicality and playstyle.

Moreover, from a financial viewpoint, Chelsea will have to lay out a significant transfer fee to persuade Manchester City to sell one of their coveted young talents. According to various reports, the quoted amount will likely be in the region of £80 million.

Despite the Blues being safe from Profit and Sustainability Regulations (PSR) this year, the owners will have to weigh up the financial impact of this potential transfer before pursuing Álvarez. Accordingly, they may also need to sell some of their young talents like Conor Gallagher, Armando Broja, Omari Hutchinson, Trevoh Chalobah, or Ian Maatsen.

Emerging reports from The Athletic suggest Álvarez does not favor a move to Chelsea and would prefer Real Madrid. However, it still remains a possibility for the club as the transfer dynamics are ever-changing.

All around, Álvarez presents an exciting potential addition to the roster but will require deliberation from the ownership and management before making an expensive decision.

Option 2 - Stop-gap

With Chelsea likely uninterested in revisiting other expensive prospects like Victor Osimhen and Viktor Gyökeres, they might choose to move for a temporary striker to fill in the striker void.

A budget-friendly alternative on a free transfer or a cheap fee would be ideal. The foremost name that comes to mind who was on red-hot form in 2023/24 is Serhou Guirassy. Similar low-profile names include Wissam Ben Yedder, Alexander Sørloth, and Artem Dovbyk, all of whom enjoyed successful 2023/24 seasons.



Goals - xG

Market Value

Serhou Guirassy



€40 million

Artem Dovbyk



€35 million

Alexander Sørloth



€25 million

Wissam Ben Yedder



€8 million

Although it seems like a path that the Chelsea owners would not prefer, it financially looks the safest if the club is determined to land Šeško next year. Furthermore, it would add much-needed experience to the squad as the players listed above are relatively older compared to the average age of the current roster.

Option 3 - Stick with Jackson and Nkunku

It appears the least possible outcome, especially with Broja's sale, leaving the Blues short of a striker. According to various reports online, Chelsea seems dissatisfied with their current options, and understandably so.

Although Jackson enjoyed a decent campaign, he proved to be an inconsistent finisher, and doubts over Nkunku's ability to sustain his fitness are major worries.

Therefore, there does not need much explanation as to why this is the least viable choice for Chelsea this summer.

Option 4 - Alter the Strategy?

It would be naive for anybody to assume that an initial judgment always remains true even if circumstances were to change. So, Šeško's news might be an opportunity for the ownership and Sporting Directors to evaluate the viability of their current plan for Chelsea's next striker.

They decided not to pursue an expensive poacher like Osimhen or Gyökeres due to the financial cost, the age bracket they fall under, and their tactical profiles. Brentford's Ivan Toney was ruled out for similar reasons but would be a more well-rounded and cheaper option.

However, is it possible that the initial blueprint can be adjusted or revised for this particular situation? We are not suggesting that they must alter their strategy, however, it may be sensible for them to contemplate it one last time.

Option 5 - Other Young Prospects

Considering that Chelsea bet on a young Jackson after a breakout season at Villareal, it is more likely that the ownership will revisit that approach. Therefore, prospects like Jhon Durán, Jonathan David, Loïs Openda, Maximilian Beier, and Victor Boniface would come into frame.




Goals - xG

Loïs Openda




Jonathan David




Maximilian Beier




Victor Boniface




Jhon Durán




Each striker provides varying benefits and costs but if Chelsea does not pursue Álvarez, this will probably be the next-best alternative that pleases their squad blueprint and financial budget.

The recruitment team will be on full steam now, as they hunt for a striker. If they decide to select the last discussed route, it will require highly intense research and analysis before placing a bet on another young gem.

Although the public verdict has largely been that Chelsea's recruitment so far has been a mix of hits and misses, the ownership will hope to land on the bullseye for their next striker purchase.