Chelsea star on course for golden boot so teammates fight him - sort it out Poch

A mess.
Chelsea FC v Everton FC - Premier League
Chelsea FC v Everton FC - Premier League / Catherine Ivill - AMA/GettyImages

Chelsea star Cole Palmer is on course for a golden boot so his Blues teammates fought him for glory?! CFC manager Mauricio Pochettino must step in here and sort this mess out. These instances should be isolated and extinguished immediately after occurring, and should not continue to happen multiple times.

If you aren't aware or didn't see the game last night, it happened again. No, sadly I am not referring to the immense talent and four-goal haul of soon-to-be footballing superstar Cole Palmer. Unfortunately I am actually speaking of the disrespectful scenario of teammates squabbling and even physically pushing each other over the small amount of glory from scoring a penalty during a rout at the end of a poor overall season.

Noni Madueke and Nicolas Jackson need to take a long hard look at themselves after the latest disruption during a Chelsea game. Madueke in particular has tried to usurp Palmer before in a similar instance. The latter is possibly less beneficial to the side because of this type of immature outburst. I will stop short of suggesting the 22-year-old be sold, yet this is not good. To put it mildly. Raheem Sterling did the same twice previously and I did admit that selling him as a bad influence is an option.

Thankfully Conor Gallagher and Moises Caicedo stepped in to halt their undisciplined associates, and should be commended. However, the lack of respect, cohesion, decorum and selflessness in the Chelsea squad has gone too far now. The outfit's leading light this season, Cole Palmer, is aiming for the Premier League golden boot. But unfortunately the Blues' justifiably designated penalty taker has now had three teammates fighting him for the ball on four occasions. That's by The Pride of London’s count; who knows what else has been going on behind the scenes at Cobham. Not to mention what is said between colleagues in the heat of the moment on the pitch.

Mauricio Pochettino must sort this sad and detrimental CFC situation out - and fast! Surely he is embarrassed and regretful of not doing so by now. Pochettino labelled the incident "shameful". PoL insist that on-field quarrelling cannot happen again!

In spite of all this, we would also like to note the beautiful team reaction to young Alfie Gilchrist's goal as a contrasting factor giving hope to the west London club's fan base. There are some aspects to be excited about amidst repetitive egocentric behaviour.