Enzo Maresca's System to Enhance Reece James as an Inverted Fullback

Discover how Enzo Maresca's innovative coaching will elevate Reece James and Malo Gusto's performance, unlocking their full potential in his dynamic system.
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Chelsea supporters are already looking forward to the 2023/24 season, with excitement building in anticipation of how Enzo Maresca will utilize the squad and maximize the players at his disposal.

The Italian head coach employs a 3-2 (three defenders and two midfielders) or 2-3 (two defenders and three midfielders) build-up shape, with five attackers positioned individually in the wings, half-spaces, and central zone.

The base of the midfield structure constitutes a holding midfielder and an inverted left or right-back, with the latter predominantly used by Maresca last campaign, as he reinvented Ricardo Pereira into an inverted fullback.

Many analysts predict he will duplicate that tactical ploy at Chelsea by remodeling Reece James. The Pride of London will analyze how this strategy can extract the most from Chelsea's captain.

Evolution into an Inverted Right Back

Although Marc Cucurella demonstrated his capacity to effectively invert into midfield under Mauricio Pochettino. Maresca would prefer James to perform that function as he is a more threatening player with the ball.

The Chelsea No. 24 has only played at right-back throughout his career at Stamford Bridge but is not foreign to playing as a central midfielder.

"I stopped playing striker around the age of 11 or 12 and moved my way back into midfield. I had three or four years there and then found myself at right back around the age of 15."

Reece James