Fabrizio Romano provides an insightful Thomas Tuchel to Chelsea update

  • Mauricio Pochettino has left Chelsea
  • Now, the Blues must consider his replacement
  • Could it be Thomas Tuchel? Well, Fabrizio Romano has had his say
Dinamo Zagreb v Chelsea FC: Group E - UEFA Champions League
Dinamo Zagreb v Chelsea FC: Group E - UEFA Champions League / Jurij Kodrun/GettyImages

Could a return of Thomas Tuchel to Chelsea be on the cards? Well, it certainly looks like a plausible reality, given the recent departure of Mauricio Pochettino.

The next few weeks will be the telling point of the Chelsea hierarchy. They must sign a young manager who can come in with a fresh approach for the club to improve - In many ways, they need a manager exactly like Mauricio Pochettino, but that's an argument for a rainy day.

Regardless what you think of the Pochettino decision, Chelsea must act differently this time around. The harsh reality of this sport is that nothing is set in stone so the Blues must act quickly to pick up the best option on the market.

Thankfully for the club, this summer appears to be a time of tectonic managerial shifts. It seems like no manager is safe as there are many great options available for Chelsea to swipe. It does also mean, though, that Chelsea won't be alone in the market - The competition is huge, so efficiency is required.

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Fabrizio Romano provides an insightful Thomas Tuchel to Chelsea update

German sports journalist Florian Plettenberg has claimed that Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel have held "loose talks" with Thomas Tuchel about a return to his former manager spot. However, as with any claim from Plettenberg, I would recommend taking this one with a pinch of salt. After all, it does seem like an awfully fast turnaround, even by Chelsea's standards.

Thankfully, transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, who is right with his reports nine times out of ten, has rubbished these claims. Romano claims that instead, there has been no talks between Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea, NOT EVEN internal talks within the club.

I would encourage Chelsea fans from across the globe to consider the news they are reading. After all, this is a time period where nothing is certain, so it is important to be mindful about where the news is coming from.

Chelsea could very well look to bring Thomas Tuchel back to London. After all, he has a point to prove after failing at Bayern Munich and as a Champions League winner at Stamford Bridge, he would surely be welcomed back with open arms. However, for the time being, it is unlikely that Chelsea have even considered who will replace Mauricio Pochettino. The news of his departure is still fresh.


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