Predicted Chelsea XI vs Wolverhampton Wanderers: Petrovic starts in 4-2-1-3 formation

Mauricio Pochettino: "We have to be more competitive; I want to win. We need to keep winning and taking points."
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Cole Palmer, Conor Gallagher
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6. Central Midfield - Moises Caicedo (Ecuador)

Moises Caicedo is only getting better with every passing game. He not only helps with interceptions/winning the ball back but also looks to play forward passes at all times and is unlucky to not have multiple assists to his name.

7. Central Midfield - Conor Gallagher (England)

Gallagher's stats speak volumes. He warrants that captain's armband and a new contract. Discipline was one of his major weaknesses last season but he's worked on that as well; we rarely find him throwing reckless challenges these days. The tenacious midfielder has really evolved as a footballer and considering transfer offers for him now simply doesn't make sense.

8. Central Attacking Midfield - Cole Palmer (England)

Starting Palmer is a no brainer. One of our best attacking assets and with a goal and an assist in the last game, his spot in the playing XI remains uncontested.