The 3 best Chelsea goals scored at Wembley Stadium

With a cup final on the horizon, it only seems fitting to head back in time and examine some of the most memorable finishes Chelsea fans have seen at Wembley. Here are our three best.

FA Cup Final Chelsea v Portsmouth 2010
FA Cup Final Chelsea v Portsmouth 2010 / David Ashdown/GettyImages
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Let's turn back the clock a bit. It has been quite a while since Chelsea Football Club has found success under the arch of Wembley Stadium, particularly in a cup final. May 17, 2018, when Eden Hazard's 22' penalty in the 2018 FA Cup final sealed the deal was in fact the club's last success with a trophy on the line in northwest London.

Sunday is a chance to silence a whole lot of people in a final against a team many view as the favorites to win the Premier League despite its injuries. As Levi Colwill said, "We want to show we're winners." A title lift on Sunday would be a massive jolt in the project captained by Mauricio Pochettino. Since days at Wembley are always special, we want to look at some of the most memorable Chelsea goals in the stadium. No, Chelsea Women's goals don't count sadly, this is solely the men's team. Picking a top-three is no easy task, but here at The Pride of London, we tried our best.

Here is our list of the three best Chelsea finishes in a ground that was originally called Empire Stadium.

3 best Chelsea goals netted in the confides of Wembley Stadium

3. Didier Drogba's belter against Portsmouth FC to win the 2010 FA Cup

Date: May 15, 2010

How can you not include a Didier Drogba strike? The Ivorian was a part owner of Wembley Stadium once it re-opened in 2007, an architect if you will to success on the biggest of stages. In total, No. 11 in blue netted an astounding eight goals in the ground since that 2007 re-opening. In order to include strikes from others, we unfortunately could only select one of his world-class finishes. That strike against Tottenham Hotspur in the 2012 FA Cup semifinal was pure brilliance, but this one in 2010 was the one that put Chelsea's hands on the FA Cup.

Just a few days before this game, an 8-0 trouncing of Wigan Athletic allowed the Blues to clinch the title over Manchester United. A victory under the arch would lock up a domestic double. The woodwork was Pompey's friend all match long, denying the Blues on more than two occasions in the first 45 minutes. Drogba put an end to that.

Almost immediately after Petr Cech performed a heroic act on one end, No. 11 in blue followed it up with his own on the other. A five-player wall and a goalkeeper couldn't keep out Drogba's pinpoint direct free kick. After nearly opening the scoring from even further out earlier in the match, the striker made no mistake the second time around from a set-piece. Sure, you can blame the stop-stopper for poor positioning, but that precision was top drawer. Wembley was truly Drogba's "home away from home." That winner vs. Portsmouth may very well have been the best of his collection of Wembley goals.