Why Todd Boehly and Enzo Maresca may instantly clash over the summer

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The Pride of London explain why Chelsea Football Club co-owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali may clash with managerial target Enzo Maresca straight away. That is if the current Leicester City manager is eventually installed as the new Blues boss. That matter remains unresolved. However, Sky Sports claim representatives of the west London outfit are in advanced discussions with Maresca's people.

Things seem to be moving fast at Stamford Bridge. Yet any new head coach coming in must inevitably and invariably tolerate constant intrusion into their squad's affairs, even concerning footballing matters. Meanwhile the prospective new team boss won't have much of a say, if any influence at all, over the most important aspect of any evolving side: transfers.

Enzo Maresca expected to take Chelsea role

Focus and knowledge are among many others qualities of Maresca's that drew the CFC ownership towards the former Manchester City staff member. Following Pep Guardiola's partial guidance with the Citizens, Maresca developed a similar arrangement and method to the great Guardiola.

Confident, imperious possession-based football is what is evidently desired at Stamford Bridge. So, after claiming the Championship trophy, Boehly and Co. gave Maresca a call. It appears as though they want the 44-year-old with them rather than against them with LCFC in the coming campaign.

Why Chelsea's owners could immediately collide with headstrong Enzo Maresca in spite of pending agreement

Due to covering Maresca's Leicester tenure on our associate website Foxes of Leicester this term, I have learned that Maresca is a wilful manager, unwavering and often unerring in his duties. He runs a tight ship; there is a clear vision of strategy and whom are the appropriate personnel to achieve aspirations.

When Pochettino left the Blues it was suggested that he and previous managers were uncomfortable with Eghbali's presence at Cobham training ground. Then there are Boehly's apparent interventions in the Chels' dressing room subsequent to, and as a consequence of, disappointing match outcomes. So the man from Italy will have many off-field issues to contend with.

Naturally Maresca will have to agree to all sorts of caveats, stipulated or otherwise, during negotiations with CFC. However, the one facet which might become a difficulty as time goes on, or even over preseason, is incoming transfers. We are led to believe that the co-owners only want mere suggestions from their chosen manager.

Signings are the aspect I see the LCFC gaffer struggling with most of all, although he will likely concede to that peculiar approach in order to land this particularly high profile job. Regardless of whether the offseason passes without incident, Maresca will probably present a proposal for fresh players to the board in January.

A lack of finances and acquisitions caused a supposed power struggle between head coach and owner during Maresca's time at Leicester. He was annoyed not to get any signings in the new year; in the meantime, Foxes bosses anticipated impending embargo restrictions and acted accordingly.

Despite much wealth, CFC might perhaps find themselves in a similar position to the King Power outfit regarding a need to satisfy Premier League PSRs. If Maresca's recommendations for new stars are ignored, incompatible players arrive and New Year demands are dismissed too - there could be problems at the Bridge. Boehly may have met his match in this unyielding leader of men.