Transfer Deadline Day: Why It’s A Farce!


The clock is ticking,clubs are racing to get last minute deals over the line! The drama, the emotion of transfer deadline day…well that’s what Sky Sports News HQ make it out to be.

It’s one of the most overhyped days of the football calendar in my opinion.

It’s one of the most overhyped days of the football calendar in my opinion. It’s made out to be a tense day and one that is nail biting for Chairmans and fans alike. The only good thing to come out of these ‘Deadline Day’s” are Jim White’s yellow tie and awful puns.

My main issue with it is the whole concept of a deadline or a clock ticking down and if a deal isn’t done by 12 am then it can’t happen. Let me take you back to September 1st. The last day of the Summer transfer window, clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United who haven’t got their act together over the summer have one more day to find any last minute deals that can help them till the next window.

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I spent that day at home and had Sky Sports News on the whole day, watching anything that could go down on the last day and also the fact that there was nothing else to watch. The early news that day was that Radamel Falcao could be making his way to Manchester United on a loan after days of speculation of him making his way to Spain. It was tipped as a real shock, pundits came on to talk about how good Falcao was in his spell with Athletico Madrid and all of his talents and what he could bring. By 4pm the deal still hadn’t been done and still the talk of deals going over the line “Will it” “Won’t it” get over the line in time cried the presenters!

The other major team still left to do business was Arsenal FC who badly needed a striker. Up until about 5pm there was no news for the Gunners, then suddenly a rumour that Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck was in talks with Arsenal to move to the emirates. It was all now set up just the way Sky wanting it. Both clubs needing strikers badly, time ticking for United to sign Falcao and Arsenal to sign Welbeck.

Then we got to 11:45pm, 15 minutes of the Transfer Window left to go! Both deals were still yet to be done and then reports came in that both clubs were asking for extensions so they could get the deals sorted. I was bewildered, how could this be allowed and be happening .

We were all told by Sky Sports News and The Premier League that the time for signing players ended at 12am GMT.

Then why are clubs allowed to get extensions? Sky did their countdown and it was so shocking to me watching the presenters try and say at the same time that the Transfer Window was over but two clubs have been allowed a 2 hour extension period to get a player over the line. When Fernando Torres signed for Chelsea FC the deal was done before this deadline. Why? Because the club knew that they were only allowed to sign players up until 11:59PM. If there are extensions then what’s the point of clubs panicking?

Seriously, if I was a chairman of a Premier League club and I knew that you could get an extension why bother rushing!

Now I know that it isn’t just a case where a club can go “We need an extension” and the Premier League automatically gives that time, clubs need to provide enough evidence(paperwork) that the transfer can take place but for me this ruins the whole excitement of “Transfer Deadline Day”. It’s like on FIFA Ultimate Team when you know that you can instantly buy Ronaldo rather than spending hours playing trying to get him.

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I just don’t understand how this could be allowed to happen. Also the fact that the morning after nearly 8 hours after the transfer window had shut Cleverly signed for Villa on loan I mean what?

Sky can continue to go on as if it’s a big day but personally for me it will never be exciting again. Knowing tonight that at 12 a team if they want can go minutes, even hours past the deadline for me is just wrong.

Also it must anger other teams who get their January transfers done way before the deadline with the intention of sticking to the deadline.

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