Fabrizio Romano provides exciting Chelsea transfer news about Nico Williams

Fabrizio Romano has confirmed some very exciting Chelsea transfer news, which could involve yet another Arsenal hijack for Nico Williams.
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Chances are, Chelsea fans will be familiar with the name Nico Williams. the Athletic Bilbao sensation has been a frequent name in recent Chelsea transfer news, but now, the biggest and most reputable transfer source Fabrizio Romano has had his say. And it's going to excite Chelsea fans...

Fabrizio Romano provides exciting Chelsea transfer news about Nico Williams

As per Caught Offside, here's what Fabrizio Romano had to say about Nico Williams: “Arsenal have also sent their scouts to follow Nico Williams of Athletic Bilbao multiple times, and it’s the same for Chelsea as they included him in the list last summer,”

The winger has everything a Premier League could ask for, as not only is he fast and skilful (which are two contributing factors to his success in La Liga up until this point of his career), but he is also very physical, as his tall frame and strength make him difficult to beat off the ball.

Therefore, Nico Williams would be an excellent addition to Chelsea, who seem to lack the backbone they once had. Furthermore, if they were to sign Nico Williams who ages at 21 years old, their attack would be sorted for many years in the future as he could combine exceptionally well with Cole Palmer.

There is the issue of competing with Arsenal in the transfer market. In previous times, this hasn't been a problem with Chelsea. If we think back to examples like Mykhaylo Mukdryk and Joao Felix, competition from Arsenal has actually encouraged Chelsea to be more proactive and efficient in their negotiations.

Speaking on the potential Premier League move, transfer expert Fabrizio Romano added the following: “The race is completely open, and nothing is advanced with either club so far. He’d be great in the Premier League in my opinion – a physical and technical player; very good one.”

While it's still early doors, don't be surprised to see Nico Williams pop up on The Pride of London between now and the end of the season.


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